[Discontinued] Cybnate's Nu datafeed - BETA

Charter Cybnate’s Nu datafeed - BETA

Here is the information to subscribe to my experimental datafeed. Please take note of the disclaimer at the bottom before subscribing. The URL needs to be added to the standard NuBits client.

URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Cybnate/NuNet-datafeed/master/Cybnate-datafeed.json
Signature URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Cybnate/NuNet-datafeed/master/Cybnate-datafeed.txt
Signature address: ShTrp9wbgnhZudk4eYXtBtcMyeBziGzUpc

For Raspberry Pi datafeed subscription you can use this:

nud setdatafeed https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Cybnate/NuNet-datafeed/master/Cybnate-datafeed.json https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Cybnate/NuNet-datafeed/master/Cybnate-datafeed.txt ShTrp9wbgnhZudk4eYXtBtcMyeBziGzUpc

Documentation on how to add a datafeed to your client can be found here: http://docs.nubits.com/v1.0/docs/using-a-data-feed. If you don’t like parts of the vote you can untick them and add your own vote manually. Subscribing to this data-feed will overwrite any votes you had set in case you have ticked all the boxes in ‘Part of the vote to update’.

This charter describes the process on which grants, motions or park rates will be included. As it is impossible to foresee each scenario I can only give some guidance on how I would include or exclude new motions and custodial grants. I may add further guidance on my voting strategy or intentions in this charter in this thread.
Edit: I have added the history of the voting in this post and links to current and past motions and custodial grants this feed provided.

Custodial grants and motions in this datafeed

I will endeavor to assess draft motions and draft custodial grants once posted. When they are published for voting, and I’m in favor I will try to add them within 48 hours after the publication to the datafeed. Below the history and current grants and motions with links. The dates reflect the date that it has been added or removed from the datafeed. In this thread I provide details about why items are being removed and added. The dates are of the day when the grant or motion was added to the feed which might differ from the day the grant or motion was published on the forum.

The grants and motion are no longer being tracked here. See ‘Changes below’.

When you have added the Signature URL you will be notified by the client of any changes to the datafeed.
The actual datafeed can be looked at here: https://github.com/Cybnate/NuNet-datafeed/blob/master/Cybnate-datafeed.json.
Any changes can be viewed here: https://github.com/Cybnate/NuNet-datafeed/commits/master/Cybnate-datafeed.json. I will try to provide clear descriptions. The last change is always on top. When the description of the changes is not clear you could click on the description and see the actual changes I made shaded in red.
This is clearly not the most intuitive interface, but it will have to do for now, till we find something better.

The data-feed is provided free of charge. To the full extent permissible by law, I disclaim all responsibility for any damages or losses (including, without limitation, financial loss, damages for loss in projects, loss of profits or other consequential losses) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of this data-feed or inability to use this data-feed, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using the data-feed.


Excellent, will try this right away on the rasberry. Wish to see more of this!

EDIT: Is the first time I use feeds. I immediately recognised a need : I want to be able to control individual votes : custodians, rates, motions . And also maybe on an atomic level. There might be scenarios where I do trust Mr. John with park rates, but I prefer motions of Miss Jane and I want to keep my own votes for custodians.

Also, I might want to follow everything Alice says but the motion on open source. Does it make sense?

Just added motion 387e7f6ffc7d69311ac2e1d0ca7cd98d4ecbdea9 to the motion data feed: [PASSED] Proposal for Transfer of Liquidity from Existing Grant Reserves

and deleted motion bda115840291067ba0814032f0c93d4d5900a5cf (passed 15d ago)

Edit: added direct links to motions and custodial grant which are in the datafeed or have been in it previously.

Edit2: Not keen to copy and paste all three fields separately? Open the debug window and paste this into it to subscribe instantly to this feed:

setdatafeed https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Cybnate/NuNet-datafeed/master/Cybnate-datafeed.json https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Cybnate/NuNet-datafeed/master/Cybnate-datafeed.txt ShTrp9wbgnhZudk4eYXtBtcMyeBziGzUpc

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Nice. I think this is also to be added to the URI schema, so we can make this functionality available with one click.

PS: how often does the client fetch the remote feed?

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the standard value is 60s but you can modify its value in the debug windown.

Updated datafeed and signature of datafeed.

Removed custodial grant BTgryZQ1dQNJYMjm74K3ajdRnDfsCjh3c3,499
Reason: Passed

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does this mean that current subscribers are required to update their clients?

Nope. If they’re using her feed the clients will pull down the new voting info.

Updated my datafeed and signature of datafeed to add custodial grant proposal:


In the Original Post (OP) you will find an overview of the content of the datafeed and how to add it to your wallet.

I started noticing this error in the status bar :

and going to the dialog :

Is there anything new / different?

EDIT: it now works. Despite I just went to the same dialog again without changes

Weird, I didn’t change anything since my last update and I didn’t see any error. Maybe something happened at Github, a glitch? Will keep an eye on things and please keep on reporting. It is still beta for several reasons. One is making sure it is stable.

Just updated datafeed and signature:


  1. Added park rates
    3 months 2.5%,
    6 months, 5%
    12 months 10%
    Rational here: Park Rate Voting
    Nothing beyond 12 months as I don’t want to burden the network with anything beyond that timeline.

  2. Added Cryptog custodial grant as published here: [Passed] Proposal to continue LPC operation on CCEDK's NBT/USD for 60 days and with 10k NBT liquidity
    Liquidity provision is key and I think this is a reasonable offer which requires trust in the Shareholders. More than happy to follow up on that when delivered properly.

Edit: updated OP accordingly
Edit2: May adjust soon based on Shareholder feedback and developments

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Just updated the datafeed and signature:

Added the open source motion 6f361693a7b248730b41d4292f89dc6f6f166bc8 as posted here

The rational is that with the loss of two exchanges Excoin and BTER we need to add other exchanges (and LPCs). the only way to do that seems to go open source. I still think the risk of a copycat walking away with NuNet and investing in another instance is still large but the survival of NuNet weighs in more.

Has been a very difficult and emotional decision especially in the context of Shareholder(s) rigging votes for this motion. Had to set aside emotions and made the rational decision to set up the best environment for NuNet to survive.


Just updated the datafeed and signature of the datafeed:

Added the Android developments custodial grant: B6tBUhTuetuZezgoJCwwqkJNXNQXPCiand,27840
Added the motion ed7b9fc65dc4e9d9acad61e528420c2690f599d2 to end LPC operation for KTM, Jamie and NSR sales of Jordan

Won’t say much about the Android custodial grant. Please check its thread for all the information.

Had to think about the motion to end the LPC operations. There is a risk that it would all go too fast and I would rather have seen a proposal winding it down over 2-3 months or so. Given the exposure of KtM and Jamie and the risks involved I still decided to vote for this motion

From now on I will support every grant providing at least 5k liquidity on the NBT/USD pair for at least 60 days on any of the supported exchanges. However new custodians will need to earn their reputation, so I wouldn’t vote for proposals with 100% fees in advance.

Updated OP accordingly.
Left the open source motion in the data-feed for now. Will remove it in next few days though now it is passed.

My interpretation is that their operations would gradually cease over 3m:

have you considered adding [Passed] Bittylicious.com liquidity provision ?

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Yes, and I like it. I noticed 30 minutes ago that I missed it :frowning: Will update the datafeed soon…

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Just updated the datafeed again to add the following:

I think it is worth exploring a listing here. It might be easier for some people to provide liquidity on those markets and make a profit for themselves. I also like the decentralized aspect of it.

Just updated the datafeed to add the following:


  • 10% rate for 1 year as long term outlook is better. Kept 3 and 6 month rates to further increase demand.

Updating the datafeed in the next hour as follows:

Motions (reason)



Custodial Grants (reason):

An overview of the current content of the datafeed can be found in the first post of this thread.