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Cryptog: [OLD] Cryptog's datafeeds - BETA

EDIT: mentioning only my feeds.

cryptog data feed is not 100% working. please do not consider getting my feeds as long as I am not 100% confident with its formatting. tks.

I have fixed the issue. It is now working.

Based on Cybnate’s data feeds charter, I have created my own data feeds charter that you can find here.

tks to @Cybnate for providing me with the template. :smile:


Thanks @cryptog .
If this thread is meant to be an aggregator of available feeds, I suggest to edit OP with the list of feeds

Yes it is intended to be so.


are we only two shareholders submitting feeds? that s too few people.
i d like to see more competition in data feeds

So what are the two actual data feeds … for i dont want to vote (dont understand what is the best for nu …)
I need two things to know
Signature Url
Signature adress
i would like to see a person who has long supported a basket of currencies as Nu currency.
How e.g .: USD, Swiss franc, gold, Euro
I would also like a person who supports the currency collateral such as land and forestry.
And I want a person that supports PPC because it’s the only Altcoin that I like, although they are constantly falling in value.
Interest and other stuff I do not care.
Which one of you is more to my ideas and what is the data feed data’s?

Your choices are @cryptog and @Cybnate.
[NEW] Cryptog's Nu data feeds - BETA
[Discontinued] Cybnate's Nu datafeed - BETA

Both datafeeds tend to be identical, as Nu tends to operate using a vague oral consensus despite the formal consensus definitions and rarely is a motion proposed that is not either passed or withdrawn by the author.

Ok, your question under A has been answered. So regarding B:
I’m the custodian of my datafeed supported in the thread here and here are my statements in response to your questions.

I support a basket of currencies (like XDR) although I slightly prefer a basket of goods as this would likely be more stable (Poll: (Closed) When we are ready for a second coin, which type should be the first to launch?) but harder to implement due to a lack of reliable indices.

Not too keen on gold pegging. Swiss Francs (stable, no government money printing press) and to lesser extent Euro (wide adoption) are worth exploring. USD is fine as a peg (with NBT) and mainly practical as a unit of account in the next few years.

Forestry and land collateral sounds like a good idea but can only work when ownership is reflected in the blockchain and recognised by governments. We are not there yet. Otherwise the value of the collateral is most likely too low/too risky to be useful for cryptocurrencies

Still supporting Peercoin and holding a bunch. Main reason is that I don’t think Bitcoin is sustainable on how it is running right now and the lack of agility to change for the good doesn’t bode well. Peercoin will need a fresh breadth of air though and some repositioning. Hopefully the next release will bring more attention and more community participation.

ok thanks …
i took one of this …
Got the ‘fetching feed, please wait’ message
Hope all is correct

you can get my feeds via: [NEW] Cryptog's Nu data feeds - BETA

I support US-NuBit (NuBits), CH-NuBits, EU-NuBits and SDR-NuBits.

I used to support peercoin from Sep 13 to Dec 14 and promote it in Japan but I believe it will never achieve main stream adoption because its price is likely to remain low and the pace of development is too slow.
However, I think it will never vanish and it is good to have it as a backup just in case bitcoin has a huge failrure.
Forestry, land as collaterals are nice but difficult to implement right now.

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@crypto_coiner you might want to mention your feeds in this thread.

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Generally speaking, I have a (very) long term vision for Nu keeping the goal for NuBits to be the #1 cryptocurrency in the world and for NuShares to be the #1 cryptoequity in the world.
I am also a very well connected entrepreneur with many connections within the banking, fintech and tech industry and growing.

You can access my feeds here:

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