Proposal: Small dual-side liquidity for currently uncovered pair

I was wondering about that. One might not be able to hedge his or her bitcoin downtrend exposure when support NBT/BTC but it could be counterbalanced by a wider spread. So I would suggest LPCs to make proposals involving a wider spread that the current 0.2%.

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I did not manage to get more than their standard “we will forward your suggestion to our dev-team” answer.

Cryptsy uses paid coin voting, in which we tried to participate here.

These exchange coin votings are usually controlled by market manipulators and only serve as money printing machine for the exchange owners. A coin gets added if it makes money and it makes money if it has volume … NBT has volume so there should be sufficient interest without need to bribe them.

I’d suggest to wait for the outcome of the open source motion and then to contact them again, and to show them the NBT volume over the last weeks and possibly announce the upcoming source release. There has to be some reason why an exchange like cryptsy is not excited to add NBT.


Shameless bump. I know its not much that I offer, but I think we could use it right now and I can be operational within three working days.

I think at this stage any liquidity offered is welcome.
What exchange would you use btw?

Won’t be long before your grant passes looking at the blockexplorer. Give it another 2-3 days.
I’m voting for it and it is in my datafeed

That still has to be determined. Originally I had excoin in my mind, but things changed a lot the past weeks. I’d almost suggest to use the 5,000 NBT for a NBT/BTC pairing because besides fiat pairings those are the most important ones right now.

This proposal is approaching the required amount of votes and I assume it to be passed until the end of the week. So, let’s try to finalize things so I can start the operation as soon as possible.

In my personal opinion a BTC pairing would be more appropriate in our current situation, but I am open for a discussion if an alt coin would be better. The uncovered BTC pairings I found are NBT/BTC on CCEDK and NBT/BTC on ALTS.Trade. What are your thoughts?

The only remaining problem then is that, as mentioned in the OP, the bot and the Nu daemon will run on a Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately there is no v0.5.4 Nu daemon for ARM yet, and we are encouraged not to run older client versions. Therefore I will wait for @CoinGame to publish a binary except if the developers say that it is ok to operate with the old client.

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Working on it. Expect it today.

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The Alts.Trade wrapper for Nubot is a work in progress so that limits your choices of pairs. I will be working on it over the coming days. once it’s done we could add it into the current Nubot as a hotfix.

OK, then not Alts.Trade. I just saw “Bitcoin Indonesia” on coinmarketcap. Do we have NuBot support for them?

EDIT: Just to make this clear, this is nothing against CCEDK and of course I would operate there. I am only trying to get all the options together.

We do have a wrapper for so that would be another option. I know that @bitcoincoid is eager for a custodian to start trading there.

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This LPC proposal custodian vote has passed.

Good stuff @creon. Now that there is an ARM binary for 0.5.4 do you have everything you need to begin custodianship? Did you decide which exchange and pair you will be covering? If you need any assistance with NuBot please ask.

This is great, thank you very much shareholders! To be honest it passed a little faster than expected, because it didn’t increase much over the last weeks. The grant passed on block 241230.

I checked and they look like a very nice opportunity to bring NBT to this area. It struggles me a little bit that an intensive amount of personal information is required to register on that exchange, including passport ID etc. Data I generally don’t like being stored in databases that are connected to the internet. @bitcoincoid, is there a way around this since I am not dealing with any fiat market?

Otherwise I can also start my operation on CCEDK and I assume that it will be very easy to set up. My plan is to operate the bot for 24-48 hours with very small amounts and many interruptions before I start my actual operation. This is to ensure that my scripting framework works as intended and that I can test some scenarios where the bot will not behave as expected ( @woolly_sammoth, for example, I was not able to receive an e-mail from the bot so far and am also not even sure how it is sent internally).

So, to make a realistic proposal that allows for some initial troubleshooting I say that I will start the real operation on Monday, 0:01 am UTC. If everything is perfect on Friday, then I will start earlier.

This is the last chance for you to propose an exchange and a pairing. Without further input I will await an answer from @bitcoincoid until tomorrow, and then post if it is CCEDK or I will update the OP once the details are set.


Given the current non-communication coming from CCEDK regarding some withdrawals, it may be wise to make contingency plans for other exchanges. would be a great opportunity I agree, as would upcoming exchanges like Bittrex.

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Well I would prefer to have a bigger fish than me on Bittrex because I think they could become the new major volume exchange. I messaged @bitcoincoid about some details and agree that it would be a good candidate for the amount of liquidity I will provide.


hi @creon

Please check your private message. Thank you :smile:

Just wanted to report back that I am currently starting my tests on and hope to be ready to start the operation on Sunday. Since no objections were made by the shareholders, I will provide liquidity for 30 days for the NBT/BTC market on


The (slightly modified) NuBot now successfully runs for 12 hours on and submits liquidity (its only 0.1 BTC that is there). Everything is looking great and I see no reason to delay my proposed start at 0.01 am UTC tomorrow.

Would be nice if someone could move this thread to the “Custodial Grant Passed” subforum.