[PASSED] Proposal for Transfer of Liquidity from Existing Grant Reserves


This is a finalized version of the proposal that I introduced on 06-JAN-2015 concerning the transfer of reserve NBT liquidity from my original grant to another custodian. In the time since the draft was posted I have been involved in discussions with prospective and existing custodians. None of those conversations reached a point where I felt I could introduce a formal motion with the backing of the other party.

Earlier this week, after further discussions, Jamie Miller and I came to an agreement regarding the terms and conditions that she felt were important to include.

Proposal Summary:

Motion to approve the immediate and permanent liquidity transfer of
250,000 NBT from the custodial funds previously granted to Kiara Tamm
(@KTm) to Jamie Miller (@jmiller).

The full text of the motion can be found in a gist on my Github account.

To vote for this motion, place the the following hash in your Nu client. Once you solve a block it will be automatically placed into the Nu blockchain.


I felt the best way to enable shareholders to properly validate the RIPEMD-160 hash for the motion proposal was to use a file, instead of copying and pasting the text from the forum and then dealing with the differences between common browsers.

To validate the hash, please download the raw motion document from: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/KiaraTamm/2d93fe45ebd97b70afbb/raw/326d5da3c8ceeee497fa49997c6eb7c6cfc19960/liquidityTransferProposal.md

Take the downloaded document, liquidityTransferProposal.md, and upload it to online-convert.com or another service to generate a hash using their RIPEMD-160 tools.

Please let me know if you have any problems duplicating the hash.

Thank you for the consideration.


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validated and voted


hash verified and voted


Thank you for putting this together. The additional liquidity is much needed at Bter. This motion has my support.


This is a quite an important motion:

Your hash has been successfully generated.