Proposal: Small dual-side liquidity for currently uncovered pair

I tent to suggest that first you get elected, and when we can solve the problem of finding the best pair. The whole liquidity is very fluid and changes from one day to another.

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@desrever OK, if you say so … then I will make a proposal asking for a general pairing decided after the election with 10% reward on BTC markets and 15% reward on any altcoin market. Should I make a new thread or just modify the OP?

Same thread should be fine if you write a proposal and get a hash with assistant bot, and if you do not modify the content of the text hashed afterwards, I guess.

OK, I just changed the OP now. Please let me know asap if you see any problems.

My understanding is that you would need to start on the buy side, providing bitcoins for example.
As for the hash, I cannot verify it. Can you message assistant and then create a hash with “custodian hash [text]”?

A good candidate to add to my datafeed. Actively supporting liquidity offers. 10% fee for 30 days (in BTC market dual side) is a reasonable fee imo, but still hoping for more competition. Will wait till hash is verifiable and add later to my datafeed.

Yes it is also a strong candidate in my datafeeds but I d like to know how the funds will start…on the buy side or the sell side and in what currency?

Good point. I thought about these conditions:

If the market is a BTC market, I will deposit an equivalent of 5,000 NBT in the form of BTC on the chosen exchange and start the operation on the BUY side of the NBT market.

If the market is an altcoin market, I will deposit 2,500 NBT and an equivalent of 2,500 NBT in the form of the altcoin on the chosen exchange and start the operation on the BUY and SELL side of the NBT market.

The reason for the different partitioning is that I don’t know the altcoin yet and the lack of liquidity could make it hard to acquire large amounts of it.

EDIT: I added it to the proposal text.

@woolly_sammoth I am also not able to reproduce the hash. This is what I PM’d to assistant:

custodian hash BPuTsT9FiDLSDihCHxzaieVXoksXqoffHk 1 If elected, I will deposit 5,000 NBT on a selected exchange and operate the NuBot in dual side mode over a period of 30 days. The reward should be paid in NBT and depends on the market, which will be selected after the election of this proposal. I request 10% (500 NBT) for BTC markets and 15% (750 NBT) for any altcoin market. At the end of the 30 day term I will provide a report of all trading activity.

If I hash the text provided by assistant then I get 8e20201614a4076a54f07bc13b8981ccaf20753b when using line feeds and 4b9b3c63ff003d60955a3236b4d76102644129a0 when using carriage returns.

OK I modified the proposal text so it contains the answer to @cryptog’s question. The hash, again, shows what the assistant bot gave me, copy/pasted to this thread. If I hash the text pasted above including the “=##=##=” lines I get:

b6df573b4a77a55be6c6518c283c9b7f7dfaa25c with carriage returns
2c2ace74b9790bae26da57ecc0b944e9738c4bc7 with line feeds

Can anyone confirm one of these hashes?

Hi @creon.
you need to click the ‘verify’ link at the bottom of the reply from assistant.
copy all the raw text you see into the new post.

To verify the hash yourself you need to copy the text in the middle paragraph which starts with and ends with

By using the html tags to denote start, end and line breaks,w e can get consistent reults.

Thanks a lot. I updated the OP and with the new formatting I was able to reproduce the hash.

that worked.
I have seen an issue in the verify link though. it is trying to point to the raw version of your private message instead of the first post here. I’ll have to think about how best to display that . It worked in my testing as I was logged in as me and could view my own private messages (funny that)

for now. the verifcation link should link to

OK, I hacked the correct link into the OP.

hash verified. cae8efc29890da34ec00f0cd7c6d89a42b424e12

Thanks. I may have to add it as a step for the OP in the steps for creating a new motion/proposal as I don’t know how Assistant can create the link without knowing which topic it is going to be pasted into.
it’s a pain though as I really wanted the process to be as easy as possible without lots of hoops to jump through.
I’ll have a think.

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Just one question before voting. Why do you divide up into 2500nbt on the buy side and 2500nbt on the sell side if the pair is NBT/alt?

I explained it in the same post:

right sorry for reasking.


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@assistant custodian vote BPuTsT9FiDLSDihCHxzaieVXoksXqoffHk