[Passed] NuDroid trusted server "Anton" - second period

Hello friends,

Anton, and especially the nubits-seeder DNS seed running on it, is the current backbone of NuDroid.
The first grant period will end on February 2, 2016, which I would like to extend with this grant.

First 6 month grant for Anton
Announcement thread for Anton

Address: BPNzV6ugkDrYmK1sbqUsxcqys8Ds63XCuy
Amount: 406




This sounds fine to me, although the hosting is not very cheap (406 NBT for 6 months) but it provides a decent sized future proof server infra. The Anton proposal doesn’t mention Cloudflare protection or related SSL certificates. Can we assume that this is not included?

On a related note the Shareholders should notice that this is a secondary server (or primary to a secondary if you wish) server for NuDroid. Right from the start we have the svr1.nubitsexplorer.nu server performing the same functionality.
This server is still running on the first Android App grant from November 2014.

The relevant summary of the proposal is:

Maintenance fee (450 NBT) is the cost to cover the hosting of the backend of the Android app. This includes hosting for 18 months, a domain name, SSL certificate(s), DDOS protection and mobile client optimisations through Cloudflare.

As I don’t want to hi-jack this proposal I’ve opened another thread here to discuss the future of the primary NuDroid server, svr1.

Both servers have equal priority by default since the release of 4.3.

Anton is using CF and SSL since the beginning. I don’t seem to have mentioned this anywhere, sorry.
It will profit from the ALix and RAW.Coinerella CloudFlare Pro account, if this grant passes.

Anyhow, comparing a free CF plan to a CF Pro plan, the effects of CF Pro should be marginal for an application that is mainly serving plain text.

The App asked for that, so only if you have accepted that, which most people should have.

The functionality is security related (hidden IP and DDOS protection to some level) more than caching as you are referring to.

The Pro plan doesn’t offer any advantages over the free plan here.
Sure, the WAF is cool, but I don’t think it’s providing a significant security improvement for an application like valid-hash-server. Same goes for OWASP.

slightly OT:

I’m planning to use a Pro Plan for ALix and RAW.Coinerella mainly for the browser support.
Older browsers might have trouble with free plan SSL: https://www.cloudflare.com/ssl/#browsers

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How would shareholders feel about that?
I mean adding a Nu Blockexplorer to the service list of Anton.
The current service looks like this:

-valid-hash-server with getfee integration

There is still room for the hardware, I think…

I will start tinkering with the blockexplorer.nu software tonight.

Stay tuned for explore.coinerella.com

I believe the hardware requirements might exceed your current server, but that is just an early assessment.
Anyway, not sure whether there is enough value in another instance of the explorer. It will also have to be maintained. Prefer to invest in strengthening existing solution if anything. Just my opinion.

Yeah… I think I will take a step back from that plan.
I’m not able to get my blockexplorer.nu clone running.

I’ll put this up for voting tonight, if there are no further comments.


Grant address in the OP.

Thank you.

I think Anton did a good job for NuDroid.
So we need to pass this grant because

Anton will be shut down on February 2, 2016 23:59 UTC, in case this grant shouldn’t pass.

However how many users do use NuDroid?
What is the importance of NuDroid in terms of marketing for NuBits?
I would like to clarify these things before voting.


I’ll vote for this, but I also would love more stats about who uses nudroid.

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I’ll try to provide you guys with some webalizer magic in the next days.


All right.


According to the Cloudflare stats from last month we have on average 100 unique visitors/day. That would include visitors only looking at the svr1.blockexplorer.nu. Number of downloads of NuDroid on Google Play is between 100-500. This excludes direct downloads of the APK on our forum.

BTW I’m also a NuDroid user as you might expect and won’t let slip the opportunity to show it. Three weeks ago I ordered a beer with my NuBits amongst Bitcoin fans. That attracted some interest at least, although the required syncing slowed me down being on 3g with an average connection.
Also using it to do small donations to sites or software I like accepting only Bitcoin or Litecoin. Just paying with my NuBits and having it converted without hassle is still a great experience. The liquidity I’m providing on the pools tops up the wallet and pays the bills for that :smile: My own small NuBits economy!


This passed, thank you all for voting.

Server will be migrated on February 12th.

This period will end on August 2 2016 23:59 UTC.
It’s continuation will be evaluated by July 2 2016.


Due to a reschedule, the server has been migrated about 10 minutes ago.


Is “Anton” no longer supporting NuDroid? @willy