Proposal to develop a NuBits Android wallet - Final version now available

This proposal has passed and delivered a Final version as per 14-Jan-2015, please click here for the link to install the App: Proposal to develop a NuBits Android wallet - Final version now available

Dear shareholders and community members,

Here is the final proposal for the Android wallet. Thanks for all the feedback on the draft. Based on the feedback I haven’t changed the proposal which is identical as discussed here in draft: **Draft** proposal to develop a NuBits Android wallet v0.2

Overview of grant:

Custodian: …Cybnate
Proposal: …Development of NuBits Android wallet
Submission Date: …22-Nov-2014
Requested Grant Amount: 3650 NBT
Custodial Fee: …300 NBT

NuBits Grant Address: …BMKEuGtHL1E7kVGrweGn7VyK6tJACvYs8h
Vote Amount:3950 NBT

Please enter the above grant address and amount in your wallet under Custodian Vote to vote for this proposal.

The custodial grant totalling 3,950 NBT is split up as follows:

  • The Development of the App / fee to Developer 3,200 NBT
  • Ongoing cost of hosting for 18 months 450 NBT
  • Custodial fee 300 NBT

Gist of proposal
The proposal is detailed on a private Gist on my Github account here: The gist contains all the details around the goals, justification, delivery, the custodian, hosting terms, the detailed functionality of the app and license. The gist has only been changed to add the grant address and the submission date.


I have voted for this. I would just encourage my fellow shareholders not to overlook the need for an iOS app as well. Thank you, Cybnate, for putting this all together in a very professional and transparent manner.


I voted in support of this proposal. This will be a lot of fun to use on my phone in the near future!

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I voted for it.

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Voted for this - looking forward to seeing the results!

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I would vote for it once I get the shares, provided that it is not already passed.

By the way, how the following is possible?—" the network will automatically generate and deposit 3950 NuBits (NBT) into the…"

Vote status:

The block explorer does not seem to find nubits addresses though

Are you looking for the grant address? If so, it won’t show up on the explorer until it has NuBits in it.

The protocol is designed to automatically generate the requested NuBits after the vote passes.

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Yes - txs

oh i see. who is in charge of inputting the amount into the system?

Almost at 40% vote/CDD support. It looks like this proposal will be likely to pass in the next couple days.

Not sure what your question is, but I think Ben gave you the answer. The system/protocol.

Looking good for an Android wallet under the tree :smile:

Sorry for the silly question. I have never experienced voting so far for a custodian. Now I have.

How can I check if my vote has been taken into account in the wallet client? In the visual interface, there does not seem to be any such function.
It would be great to get such a feature in the future.

I suppose I would have to check the votes explorer, in this case -
I suppose I would need to recognize one of my nushares address in the “solved” columns in order to see if my vote has been taken into account…

The custodial grant for the Android client has been approved and successfully transferred into the designated address. Will work with the developer Matthew to get the final contract signed off and I will transfer the first part as agreed and with that the start of the contract.

Thanks for your support. You may now remove the voting address from your wallet.

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Congratulations on your successful proposal Cybnate, looking forward to see this work out. Thank you!

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