[ANN] NuDroid trusted server anton.coinerella.com

Hello NuDroiders,

as announced in this thread, I’m now running a shareholder funded trusted server for NuDroid.

How to add the server

  1. Open NuDroid
  2. Click the three dotted symbol in the top right corner
  3. Press Settings
  4. Press Trusted Servers
  5. Press “+” Button
  6. “New server” dialogue opens
  7. Enter name “Anton”
  8. Enter URL https://anton.coinerella.com/q/getvalidhashes
  9. Select “Equal priorty to previous server” if you want.
  10. Press save
  11. You’re done. :wink: The bar next to “Anton” on the list should be green now.

Details on the trusted servers and how they work can be found here:

Anton is a server dedicated to providing NuDroid block verification only, which is located in Berlin, Germany. You can also add my publicly available backup server https://berta.coinerella.com/q/getvalidhashes located in Bonn, Germany.
I recommend adding both in case Anton goes down unexpectedly.

This operation will end on February 2 2016 (180 days from now), unless renewed.



I’ve just now updated Anton from ABE to @MatthewLM’s new valid hash server.

I was testing the software on Berta for about a week and it seems to run very smooth so far.

No changes for the user needed. Carry on as usual :dancebanana:

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-Getfee enabled on anton and berta