B&C Exchange 5.0.1 release - upgrade before 18 July!

This version adds a new protocol version 5.0 which is the same as 4.0 but will switch 2 weeks after 55% of the blocks have upgraded (instead of 90% for protocol 4.0).

It’s available here: https://bitbucket.org/JordanLeePeershares/bcexchange/downloads

The details of the 4.0 protocol were given here: [Mandatory upgrade] B&C Exchange 4.0 has been released

This upgrade will become mandatory when 55% of the last 2000 blocks have been minted by upgraded nodes. At this point shareholders will have 14 days to upgrade. You can monitor the percentage and the switch date with the RPC getprotocolvotes (added in version 4.0.1).

The initiative to make this 5.0 release was started here: Proposal to speed adoption of the reputation system.
But this version only includes the first 2 points. The other changes are not ready and it’s not clear whether they can be finished given the current state of the project (see What will be paid to B&C exchange developer and [Passed]Motion to elect Sigmike as B&C’s technical leader)

A few other minor changes were made:

  • the testnet blockchain was restarted to make it more similar than the main one
  • the voted protocol version is displayed in getblock
  • fixed a bug that prevented minting when an signer reward vote was set before the new protocol was effective
  • fixed a bug during upgrade of existing wallets that prevented them from voting for the new protocol

Here are the full changes: https://bitbucket.org/JordanLeePeershares/bcexchange/branches/compare/v5.0.1 v4.0.1


91db154e531ede93fac6434a1a0405e3ade37ce5e3ea7389defd42c2828d6fe1  bcexchange-5.0.1-linux-gitian.zip
5382d7603629bddeac3036e63b50ea34b9fe241ea587761fdb4e78a4edb2428e  bcexchange-5.0.1-win-gitian.zip
68d7105c75b1ec7e39cd2c072692f4886f9c0fb9f7763378cff1242be9c75e60  bin/32/bcexchange
b0c7dd6e5413c44a527b5adc44449341e9ce8753dca98e2ce0ed834fcd234cc5  bin/32/bcexchanged
686426c5fead841c47b562001542f1bec1f3245c9e11a21b737c89f63a262f37  bin/64/bcexchange
d78e09aeb09c5811f534ca5c479d11fd3700be0184921644948adf1fa8857a5e  bin/64/bcexchanged
6dfa5f062ce4dba93234cf5e4ab1e85bc886fdc355e5944df6c41f39f5d6cf58  32/BCExchange-5.0.1-win-setup.exe
aedfb72fb2ca462208362abfaf077e964ec25617e6b6be7282fc884dc0e1e916  32/bcexchange.exe
550fc41fa574167ef1cf7057629ec33ee6d516377ec3e4d92c2a99d61d242513  32/bcexchanged.exe
60bf37b9010f2e2e69e12a1712ee6afe27b457900ecf5248cd78e982a5328a6a  64/BCExchange-5.0.1-win-setup.exe
f938b068601c7e3c51ac3e4b09166e134a813944a5b5b2f1ff13ee4c8dc0361d  64/bcexchange.exe
0c337982d90973c3d6935c8c86378abf97ceb3bee831dd145a95621a5bc709bf  64/bcexchanged.exe

With regard to the data feed problem, my opinion is:

If apathetic miners don’t follow our discuss on forum or other social media, just ignore them, they are deserved to be controlled by other people since they are abstain from voting. I mean apathetic miners can mint BKS, but will have zero discourse power in company’s decision making.

They are adaults, not babies, we have no obligation to provide data feed to everyone although they can choose a data feed to save some time.

So no need to remind them to upgrade client from data feed, just discard them, and no need to provide default data feed to everyone, date feed is a good option, but not compulsory.

A lazy miner without timely client upgrade, usually also not interested in setting up a date feed, that’s why we thought a default data feed. But since most apathetic miners have no idea about the motions of their default data feed. No need to pretend to be so democracy.

We should combine the merits of decentralized and centralized system both of which have pros and cons.

We elect some reputed signers as our “board of directors”, and they are supposed to be professional and active and handle the daily oepration of this company, after any decision made by reputed sogners, there will be 15-30 days “publicity period” for shareholders to veto, and signers will move on.

If reputed signers make a decision to harm the majority of shareholders and shareholders are apathetic enough not to veto it, they are deserved.

We are all deserved for what we did, this is the rule of god.

And after @sigmike elected as our new technical leader, he has no obligation to follow old leader’s design/plan.

“2.0” : {
“blocks” : 764,
“block_percentage” : 38.2,
“switch_to_date_time” : “”
“4.0” : {
“blocks” : 774,
“block_percentage” : 38.7,
“switch_to_date_time” : “”
“5.0” : {
“blocks” : 462,
“block_percentage” : 23.1,
“switch_to_date_time” : “”

“2.0” : {
“blocks” : 468,
“block_percentage” : 23.4,
“switch_to_date_time” : “”
“4.0” : {
“blocks” : 412,
“block_percentage” : 20.6,
“switch_to_date_time” : “”
“5.0” : {
“blocks” : 1120,
“block_percentage” : 56.0,
“switch_to_date_time” : “2016-07-18 14:00:00 UTC”

Most surprising part is the reduction in 2.0 votes, some apathetic voters have waken up or sold their shares. Maybe Nu crashing was good for something.


I believe this period has now started! Added it to the title of this thread.

@Cybnate I believe the next step is electing reputed signers, because BCE white paper absent, we should discuss how many signers need to elect and what’s their responsibility and rewards. I suggest you open a new thread if you have time.

How about signers holding dev fund which transfered from Jordan/Angela?

American National Day is coming, hope our BCE has a new start.

I have upgraded successfully and generated new feeds to reflect the change.

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I have doubts that the problem was in shareholders apathy. I think it was a bug in B&C Exchange client.


In a way that is good news. Bugs can be fixed easily, apathetic shareholders are a lot harder :slight_smile:

I don’t share your optimism. We lost four months in witch-hunting and I’m afraid we lost momentum.

There is a chance indeed, we can always fail by doing nothing. I believe it is worth trying, I’m willing to spend some time on it, hope we still have a few others. We will need at least half a dozen signers to start with. More is better of course.


What we are going to do is an important innovation and it should be a long way to go.

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Will need to wrap up a few previous threads and call for those who have been putting their names forward to be a signer.
Anyone can start a thread about it, otherwise I will probably start one tomorrow.

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Trouble is that there are already at least two exchanges which do qualify as an decentralised exchange. We are not the first, so we have a way to go on making ours more attractive than the others. A strong Nu would help with that, its current status is not helping. Inventing a second Nu with BKC is not that great imo, but possible.

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Who are they?

Openledger and Bitsquare are the most well known.

I’m the smallest of the biggest B&C Exchange shareholders and one of the biggest minters so I don’t lost confidence in the project. Just hoping to avoid the dramas that accompany other competing projects.

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Openledger uses tokens, you cannot trade directly with native cryptos.

I heard of bitsquare, will check again.

Btw, BCE has the potential to launch the first Hayek money in this world.

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