What will be paid to B&C exchange developer

Hi All,

I feel sad about the peg is broken. It have some reasons. As we see, the other digital currency grow increasingly, people see the values of btc and eth, they believe they store them in the following months will keep value at least, and even increase their value as we see. So many people who hold other tokens, they would like to change to btc and eth. And then the peg is broken. the broken just comes. It is not by chance is inevitable because lack of liquidity. Just a minority people know Nu, it can’t keep the peg. because the selling request is much bigger than the buying request. We need calm down, everything has peaks and troughs, like bitcoin from 1000$ to 200$ and then 650$ now. we are in dark time, who knows what will be happen in the next.
I said some my opinion. If I am wrong, please hope you forgive me.

Back to my problem. I think if we still pay developer the same certain number nubits to developer, it is not fair for us, maybe now it just left me. Could we funding the develop position with BKS sales? Or maybe you don’t fund anymore.
Anyway, If B&C need me, I am always there. Thank you all.


I am surprised @JordanLee has not already talked to you about what is happening with payment. He is supposed to be in charge after all. I believe we could fund the rest of development with BlockShares, but let’s see what others think as well.

Eleven, when was the last time you talked to Jordan?

I guess a BKS dilution is a must, just for your salary. So how much money do you need to finish the project?

Where is Jordan Lee? @sigmike

I’m shocked that @JordanLee has not discussed this with you already! He is responsible for contractor hiring and payments, so you should probably contact him directly. I agree that it’s not acceptable to be paid the same amount of NBT after the peg is broken.

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@eleven, do you believe we can finish the project without Jordan? Jordan said he is the architect and not coding any more.

Yes, this would be good to know. His last post on the forum was June 8th. Have you talked to him since then?

Honestly the Jordan we used to know may be gone for good. Not sure if he snapped and walked away, or he’s been assassinated, if he’s just been playing the long con or what.

I know what you mean. Half the time I come here now I think I’m in some kind of nightmare. You got the peg broken, Jordan Lee missing, people asking how they’re going to get paid, multiple accounts acting like him, and to top it off you got both Superman and Mr. Bean posting.

You probably got people from the outside reading the forum to find out what happened and they’re going WTF?!?! I know I am.

Things were much simpler when it was just Peercointalk chat…


the last time I talked Jordan at 6th June, I think

Just my take on the situation; I don’t know these people but just guessing. tl; dr I think the project could at least go for a while without JL.

Sigmike probably knows nearly as much as JL about JL’s vision and might really know a great deal more than JL on other aspects of the developmental work, from his long history of working with PPC and its derivatives, as well as how he talks about the work on bitbucket. He seems to be running a software consulting company so probably isn’t most financially stressed.

Coingame seems to have practically taken over a good part of the project manager role, and I believe he has a job elsewhere and doesn’t need the NBT for food.

Eleven and glv are full-time developers that really need B&C to sell shares to raise funds. Probably the best way is to get a FLOT equivalent for B&C to hold BKS and talk to them for their needs, and liquidate enough BKS to get monthly payments done. Sigmike and Coingame may be able to to afford direct payment in BKS (I don’t claim full knowledge - correct me if I’m wrong). This is handling someone’s livelihood so I hope there’s a right balance between governance and execution.


I agree it’s unimaginable how unreliable Jordan has become.
He can never truly recover from that.
Anyway, it can go on without Jordan.

I’m sure he does, but I’m not sure the “original vision” is one that should still be followed.
We need something more practical and reliable (and finally some revenue that is near and not only in a fantasy future).

B&C has funds. The NBT are not worthless. NBT are traded at Poloniex and if @Eleven and @glv agree upon being paid with BTC, a mix of selling BKS and NBT can pay for some time.

The problem is: the development fund of B&C is in the hands of Jordan.
It needs to be moved to a reliable group, a FLOT equivalent.

Have a look here:

Start electing such a group. Start talking with @Eleven and @glv about the details.

Leave Jordan in the hole where he crawled into after he handed the funds over to an elected group of shareholder representatives.


This is nuts. There should never ever be a single sig for anything. It is a shame that @Eleven must start begging for proper compensation here. That actually means that @JordanLee simply risks to see @Eleven leave the community. This fact alone makes me really concerned because it produces a lot of information about Jordan’s current attitude towards both Nu and B&C project. I seriously can’t believe @Eleven’s post…
@eleven may we ask how often you usually get paid, so what are the time frames for payment and when did you receive your last payment?

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Jordan’s assitant (I think) give me the payment at 5th and 20th every month. Before they pay me I send my invoice to them at 1st-2nd and 16th-17th every month. Yesterday I sent my invoice to the assistant. He/She said they would still pay me the same number of nubits and give me a suggestion " I can post my question on forum to see how to solve this problem". As I posted here. I also sent my invoice to Jordan, later I will check Jordan’s reply. I don’t know it is Jordan’s opinion or not. So if it is not Jordan’s opioion. I should apologize for it.

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Jordan Lee has always been paying Eleven correctly.
I know that because I receive my referral fee each time there is payment.

The question is whether the contract with Eleven specifies a number of NuBits 1) or a number of dollars 2) .

If 1), then Angela is doing according to the contract.
If 2), then Angela is not doing according to the contract and there is violation.

In any case, Eleven is not paid the sufficient quantity of dollars and BCE shareholders should do something about it.

So @Eleven, 2 questions to you, if you can answer here:

1- does the contract specify nubits or dollars ?
2- would you be ok with being paid in bks and/or nsr and/or btc and/or ntb ?

As a shareholders of Nu and BCE, I believe you are crucial to the both projects and we should do anything to keep on being able to use your services.

Please share with us your view.

Tks a lot in advance.


@Eleven first of all thank you very much for bringing this up in public.

There is nothing you have to apologize for at any point in time, please. Everything currently going on is very strange. You can be sure that Jordan’s assistant (if it exists) precisely knows what to do and is perfectly instructed. Actually so perfectly instructed that the assistant will always act the same way as Jordan Lee himself would act! And that makes it even more sad. He probably uses you for a reason to get this information out to all shareholders.

So, once more, nothing to apologize for from your side. We will sort this out and find a way to compensate you properly. You don’t have issues with Jordan Lee, you have issues with the organization Nu. The only one having issues with Jordan Lee regrettably seems to be the organization created by Jordan Lee.

Edit: Well, who knows how many people on earth have issues with Jordan Lee… A lot of people might have issues with one of his multiple identities throughout the whole crypto space.


Sure I understand their decision. If they pay me nubits according to current rate(1 nbt=0.28$), maybe the funding can not support a long time. I agree upon be paid with btc.
@cryptog , yes Jordan always pay me correctly and on time.

  1. in the contract it wrote pay me nubits indeed, but in emails he said pay me dollars per hour, but he will pay me nubit instead of dollar, because 1 nubit = 1 dollar.
    2 I am fine if pay me BTC

Thank you all.


@eleven, could you tell me what the end day of your contract with Jordan? To August? How much USD do you need very month?

And do other developers get paid in BKS?

Do you accept BKS?

Jordan should provide information of B&C progress.

OK, if no information from him within one month, we should move to peercointalk forum and discard Jordan completely!

You can be 100% sure that he holds an overwhelming amount of BKS :wink: