We have been experiencing a DOS attack, all funds are safe though

We have been experiencing a DOS attack, all funds are safe, we close however briefly next 5 hours for a security check. so it is around 8 am Amsterdam time we open again.

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing

Just like what I was predicting.
I don t think it is a coincidence: Excoin, BTER, CCEDK…all holding large amount of liquidity on NBT/BTC.
LPCs are highly likely being targeted.

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Thanks for the update Ronny. These last couple days have been crazy.

Does anybody know the answer to my question in the other thread? I asked if anybody knows when Open Transactions voting pools will be released. These were supposed to take the trust out of exchanges holding your cryptos and help prevent hackings and theft. All the money would be kept in the voting pool, rather than on the exchange itself, and different exchanges in the voting pool would have an incentive to audit each other. See this video on it…

According to this, something happened to HitBTC as well…

We don’t have support there, so it could still be a coincidence. Who knows.


Would like to stress that there is a reason why we have always kept a low amount in hot wallet, which does cause slight delays from time to time, but we have had to accept this part as a necessary evil. Thats all from here. Goodnight, a new week will soon begin, lets believe in the sun coming out shining on the Nubits community and the motion for open source releasing new energy and ressources to all.

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other exchanges/services as well: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2w00yo/three_exchanges_hacked_in_24_hours/comk2rm

To which extent the funds are safe for current LPCs?
What is the security policy implemented at ccedk against threat, dos attacks and hacks?
To which extent can we rely on ccedk to be a LPC from now on?

I think the question should be what security measures Nu wants an exchange to have in order to accept the exchange to host LPCs.


This question will - once @KTm and @jmiller have stopped their operation - not be important.
Those exchanges will attract LPCs which offer the best combination of security measures, uptime, API, etc.
Exchanges that seem too risky will simply have no chance to compete with others.

Next stop Poloniex…

right now only allcoin is working correctly, poloniex doesn’t have a buy or sell walls!

we need ccedk to resume operations very soon.

As an update to DDOS attack is still happening, our head developer is working on a solution for the hot wallet. Site is mannually taken down by him, so there is no direct threat, but we have to be patience a little bit longer for the site to be back online, I am sorry to say. Patience please, I know it is hard with recent experiences, but we caught it in time to avoid any damages,so it is more a question of having a hot wallet function. I will be back with more info in a few hours, this just to keep you all updated.


thanks ronny.
this is a war :wink:

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Tks for your hard work.

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ccedk is back!

Hi @Ronny, thanks for the frequent updates. Nice to see your site back online again.

Just for clarification, was this now a pure DDOS or really an attempt to get access to your exchange wallets?

the attack has resumed, it seems.

@ronny you mentioned here that the API is not working yet.

Should I wait 1day before resuming the LPC operations?

Stronger attack occurred.