Would anyone be willing to fill my NuShare buy order on ALTS. TRADE?

I have about 0.5 BTC and would love to buy some more NuShares.

Please help as I can’t do this on BTer at the moment :frowning:

i’m going to transfer funds now.

Hello Skull, have you tried at CCEDK, there should be enough for your demand?

Hey ronny!

Nice to meet you sir.

Thank you for the heads up. To be quit honest, I did sign up this morning before reading all that was said. I kind of had Password trouble (my fault) as I had it generated and it didn’t work for me. So I sent an email, received one back. I tried to follow the instruction but still had trouble.

On another note, my heart goes out to anyone that has lost coins or creditability (or both) as a result of this hack.

Good Luck to you and I hope everything works out in everyones favor.

ronny why not take this time to let us know how you plan to improve CCEDK after this very unfortunate event?

Best Wishes,

Ronny I’m trying to use your site and it’s down??

Hope you get this fixed soon.

yes, I cant expect otherwise, give it an hours time as I am not sure our dev set it for updating at this time expecting to e least traffic around know. Point is that this was answer last times when this happened. We are trying to get i toouch with dev, though just to double check.

I’d like to know if my money is safe… it’s been a bad day!

its safe, but I am waking up dev just to double check

hello cross, just wanted to let you know before I go to bed. Just needed to know all was good.