Thoughts about @Phoenix

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BTW, on
SELL ORDERS total: 35467518.46953197 NSR

Where do these 35MNSR come from?

All I know is this:

  • Nu has ~7 M NSR on the orderbook.
  • 15 M NSR are at over 300 satoshi which price hasn’t been at since June 2.
  • 13 M NSR.

For which purpose and regulated by which motion?

Not Nu ownership? whose ownership?

Any proof?

In any case, I urge shareholders to stop complaining and act (including me).

In any case, we ll know if @Phoenix is a scammer or not by looking at what he does with the 20m NSRs.

Raising funds for liquidity provision.

The Standard was calculated and FLOT NSR sent the equivalent value in NuShares to me who put them up for sale at Poloniex.

Unknown traders.

Sounds good – now, is it to burn NBTs (reduce the sell side) or replenish the buy side in BTCs?

  • Exchange sales of NuShares at Poloniex are for Bitcoins, which are intended for buying US-NBT. When and how rapidly these Bitcoins should be traded for US-NBT I haven’t learned yet.
  • Auction sales of NuShares are for US-NBT, which are burned.

Who are “us” ? I don’'t see most community members supporting.

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My perception is that most community members did support the overall model until the crisis. Do you think differently?

Most if not all community member didn’t know the version described by @Phoenix before the crisis. Now the model is explained but the river has changed. Two main issues are recognized after crisis by the community’s: credible revenue and credibility of @JordanLee / @Phoenix.


@jooize not sure if you believe what you write or are part of the whole thing (I don’t think so). You really should look more into the technical details of this technology and I am actually convinced that you will understand it.

20M is 2% of the supply, but roughly 15% of the staking weight. If you look at the voting then you cannot possibly imagine that this is a decentralized election. Then look at the NSR price, which got poorly pumped (not even professionally) a couple of days ago where JL took credit for several times.

You are being betrayed and @jooize, you are currently the executor. You have the real id account at Poloniex, and you follow blindly whatever JL says. Just that you know: What he did is illegal and consequences will follow, and you are right now his partner.

But not on your blockchain.

Not with the current difficulty. I still have quite a few shares and not making a dent with the voting for my own proposal.

illegal in what sense?
Please elaborate the illegality of the deeds –

OK – let us try on ethereum + smart contracts –
this will cost much less and I have already a fair amount of followers on which we could pump the token.

What would be your estimate?

My best estimate would be that 20M represents between 5% and 10% staking weight at current difficulty. Guessing probably closer to 5%. Difficulty is increasing very fast.

Diff rising is not a bad thing.

How do you infer this?

I’d just like to point out that this is not up for debate. Jordan doesn’t respond to any concerns. It is a one way discussion and any questions about the details get abruptly ignored to this point.

What ever happened to @tomjoad? He always seemed to be JL’s rubber stamp to me. Has he pulled a Phoenix, also?

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I think JL is a nobody now in this community. Even if he shows up again he d have no credibility whatsoever, imho.
JL can still be active behind the scene though.