Thoughts about @Phoenix

How do you infer this?

I’d just like to point out that this is not up for debate. Jordan doesn’t respond to any concerns. It is a one way discussion and any questions about the details get abruptly ignored to this point.

What ever happened to @tomjoad? He always seemed to be JL’s rubber stamp to me. Has he pulled a Phoenix, also?

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I think JL is a nobody now in this community. Even if he shows up again he d have no credibility whatsoever, imho.
JL can still be active behind the scene though.

It is very simple to make a legal case against JL because of fraud, market manipulation and theft. He knows exactly why he needs to stay anonymous, at least he tries to.

Ok-- l am very interested.
Lets talk about that.
What’s your skype ID?

You really shouldn’t use skype :slight_smile: but I understand that it is very common in business related environments.

But at this point I also would not like to disclose any information I may or may not have about this case.

I’m still watching silently, just as I’ve mentioned multiple times. I have nothing to add anymore.

Jordan and I very publicly disagreed on several major things, including one motion that I thought was the most important: eliminating Tier 6 NSR sales and instituting capital controls. I don’t know why people would find it surprising that I agreed with Jordan on most things early on in the network’s life. Why would I invest so much time in this project if I didn’t agree with his vision? Go back and re-read any of my major posts/proposals, and you’ll see that I always thought through things carefully and presented my opinions honestly. There was no “rubber-stamping”. I suspect you feel this way because I disagreed with you on the merits of buybacks versus dividends.

I’ll make this publicly known, as I’ve seen a few “Where is TomJoad” posts: I won’t be spending much time here anymore. I don’t agree with the direction the project is going. I don’t agree with the strange actions of @Phoenix. I don’t agree with the lack of mainstream currency control mechanisms, and would go so far as to say that I expect other projects to eventually use Nu’s share/currency dual structure to greater effect, by using proper financial mechanisms that are used in real world central banks. I don’t agree with the number of people flooding the forum with insults, attacks, and gloating (even whey they have accomplished nothing on any other project). I don’t agree with a great deal of what is happening here.

Too many people seem to have forgotten that NuBits is an experiment. It has said so on the website since day 1. As an early enthusiastic large shareholder, I have likely lost more money from the collapse of NSR than just about anyone here. Yet, I am not acting like a petulant ten year old, unlike many forum participants I have seen in the past month.

There are too many other things happening in my life right now that demand focus, to the point it is no longer personally rewarding for me to be contributing my thoughts on this forum. For every thoughtful @coingame, @ben, @jooize, @cybnate, @sentinelrv or @cryptog, there are too many more individuals that add nothing to the dialogue anymore. Even @JordanLee/@Phoenix, for all his bizarre behaviour, is someone I greatly admire because he has a solitary vision for this project and is determined to see it through, even when most shareholders (by number, perhaps not voting stake) disagree with him.

I still hold NuShares and am watching with interest to see if a price recovery is possible. I hope so. If it isn’t, this has been a historically-significant experiment attempted with the best of intent. But I assure you, I am still here reading, even if I’m not posting anymore.


Thanks @tomjoad for this post.
I agree absolutely

This must be pinned right now until ppl stop being angry and whining for reasons that they cant even articulate

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This is mainly what I based that comment on. It was a humongous deviation away from the white paper which was sold to initial public investors of NSR. One of these days I would like to plot certain motions and events to the NSR price chart and see if we can settle the debate. Jordan is always a no comment.

Thanks for that thorough post, @tomjoad. Respect.

Number of blocks I’ve found during say 24h and the number of shares I own and extrapolating that.

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I’ve noticed that the fee for NSR is now 10 NSR per transaction, and the fee for US-NBT is 0.05 per transaction.

This isn’t quite what tomjoad was talking about, but nevertheless, I was surprised to see that.

Have others noticed this change in fees as well?

Yes, quite a while a ago. In August I noticed it. See link and thread below.

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