Thoughts about @Phoenix

Reply to FLOT NSR Operations (buy side) that turned out to include thoughts I’d like to share, and the discussion belongs in another thread.

@masterOfDisaster: All of this is not directed at you. I’ve wanted to write it for a while and your post successfully made me. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear, I want you around. I will say though that I think you’ve acted unprofessionally since the firing thread.

Will you sign the FLOT NSR transaction? NuShare sales are mandated.

I don’t see how it would make sense for an entity who’s invested that much to run Nu into the ground. I think they believe in the model most of us subscribed to but didn’t fully execute.

Whether the model is flawed is always up for debate. It’s the one I think has most potential at this time. If there is a new business model figured out and presented with the level of detail suggested necessary, it should always be profitable enough to switch to or build from anyway.

Regardless, Nu’s governance model was never a secret, and what is happening is that shareholders seem to be in favor of @Phoenix’s proposals. I want to point out that although @JordanLee likely is in control of a large portion of the network, he has previously failed to pass motions.

I think @Phoenix is @JordanLee. It doesn’t matter much. @Phoenix has outlined what he wants to do, and shareholders will still have the final word to fire him. A risk being the granted NuShares being run off with and sold for profit (about 14 BTC at Poloniex). I think someone who presents motions and recommendations at the level @Phoenix does probably believe in the project long term.

That the 20 M NSR are intended to take over the network is paranoia to me. If we can’t see on the blockchain whether that is happening, have him send the whole balance back to the same address every week to prevent minting.

If 2% gives @Phoenix sole control of the network, they are already in control of quite a large part already. 14 M NSR are up for sale on Poloniex for 18 BTC which is 12,000 USD. I assume that wouldn’t be too much for someone who allegedly scammed the network through NuShare buybacks?

Things may not have happened exactly because of what @JordanLee and @Phoenix suggest, but the base failure to follow the model did. If one wants to file that under FLOT discretion, fine, but we didn’t follow the model.

@Phoenix wants to execute the model most of us believed in, and to do that without disruption or inaction from others who may not yet understand the model doing it the proposed way reduces friction.

Assuming it does work, I believe Nu will over time decentralise control again.

I’m going to act by what the effective shareholders of Nu decide. I will state my thoughts, ask dumb questions, and continue with proper procedure to the best of my abilities.

I don’t see any customers complaining anywhere. I do. @henry adjusted the spread to 5%. @JordanLee would not have done such a thing. Unless you think it’s a planted detail.


@jooize our lord of lemmings!

Is that all you have to contribute nowadays, calling people names and hoping they get taken for their money? I don’t believe in censoring, but posts like this contribute nothing.


I will pass on drinking the kool-aid.

We have serious systemic issues to solve. They will never be solved under the monopoly of influence over the lemmings and the votes. This post by joozie is disgusting. There is no justification for this insanity.

I stick around because this is like a crazy University experiment on human psychology. Everyone knows they are captured and they justify their pain with apathy.

This! Is what I am thinking, too. It is impressive how people behave once there is something on the line.

That’s why I feel sorry for you, @Sentinelrv. And I hope you feel sorry for me as I lost five figures as well. Now you might argue that this could turn into something good? Well, yes, you are right. But only if fundamental changes happen. You preserve what brought us down. That is unreasonable. I wouldn’t call it dumb because that point is covered by the psychology stuff and how people act weird under pressure.

Jordan plays with all these people here who really put money into a project that they believed in. He ignores your concerns at an absolute maximum level. And still you guys try to come up with stories that justify everything what happened and you want to keep that idiot as clown liquidity whatsoever officer. What is wrong with you???

How exactly am I doing that? I’m not voting for any of the motions Phoenix/Jordan put forward, and have been trying to question him about revenue, unfortunately without success. His motions are being passed without me supporting them.

By offending those who offend Jordan and his lemmings! And @jooize is a damn lemming.

You don’t believe in the model, that’s a perfectly valid stance. I have my doubts as well. I think the multiple identities act is stupid. I think @Phoenix talks in excessively certain terms.

I’m not an economist. I wish everyone who know how idiotic the direction Nu is taking would begin working towards a new model. I’ve only seen @Cybnate construct a motion with an alternative. There is also the motion to shut down all operations.

I’m curious to hear what’s disgusting and insane.


It is possible to get your point across without resorting to low-level name calling. That contributes nothing besides bringing down the entire conversation. It’s a waste of time and only encourages more negativity.

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It is disgusting and insane that you haven’t stepped forward and rejected any kind of cooperation with @Phoenix when he announced you to become his new little prince. Yes, that is disgusting and insane. I would do everything I can to destroy the tiniest chance that anyone could associate me with Jordan Lee that fucking scammer.

@Sentinelrv maybe I am a very stubborn person and I can’t accept how peaceful everything here is while Jordan is still part of the business. I just can’t understand. Please enlighten me how that is possible? He destroyed a huge investment and sits on 100s of Bitcoins since his attack. It is insane how you return to normality as if nothing happened and cover everything with new technical discussions, asking everyone for input and urge for politeness under any circumstance. If anyone did what Jordan did and was publicly known, he would be sent to jail. That was a crazy inside job.

I don’t think he is a scammer. I think he truly believes in the model and simply wants Nu run according to it.

Can you list a naïve lemming the damning evidence or reasonable suspicions that he’s scammed Nu? What may his plan be now to further continue this scam against Nu? How can he get much more out of Nu than hundreds of Bitcoins without actually making it function again?

I disagree with the forum being peaceful.

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People don’t need to be polite to him in their posts, but I at least expect posts to carry more content than simple insults. Also, there is nothing I can do about it. His motions and grants are obviously passing no matter what the majority of forum goers here say, including me and you. Freaking out about it and getting upset isn’t going to change anything. All I can do is start putting my money into other projects and try my best to influence the current discussion here, even if it’s in vain.


I so not belive it is name calling as it is an description of the community as a whole. While it is correct in not supporting the motions in the network we are imperfect for not vehemently lambasting Jordan.

Let’s face the facts.

  • Jordan helped create the conditions which weekend the system.
  • He refuses to share the accountability.
  • He is absent or chose to reinvent himself.
  • he does not ask opinions and take the desires of the community into consideration.

What do we have to lose to be wrong at this point? If he was a leader he would let us confront the issues and executive a consensual plan. If we were wrong it would give us a good reason to defend him. It’s not like it can get any worse. Instead he chooses dictator. The conspiracy theories would not exist if his character want so questionable.

I suggest we ditch the apathy and replace it with anger.

I am not look for a scapegoat. It’s not the absence of Jordan that is satisfying but the prospect of resolving in the problems. Jordan stands in our way.

You know what, do what you want. I mean, do what YOU want, not what Jordan wants. Other than that, I don’t give a fuck. I am certainly done with Nu under the control of Jordan. If some of the community members here really plan to launch something new, I will be happy to join. It is sad that I own quite some Blockshares because the situation with B&CExchange is no different. I promise you he holds a shitload of shares and he will milk the network whenever he can. It’s already happening. The developers around exactly know our situation and they will certainly exploit it.

Do you seriously lack the imagination the understand the benefits of the machinations?

How about you two say what you think happened? @MaVo @ChrisS

Motive is money. Opportunity was understanding of and influence in operations, and a large amount of shares. Are you referring to the buybacks?

Nu lost the peg while there was some liquidity remaining, and NuShare sales weren’t utilised. The model may be flawed and had us coming to this eventually, but we can’t quite say that going by what happened. People are understandably upset, but I didn’t notice any scam accusations until now beyond the occasional “Ponzi!”.

Explain to me the ways he could scam Nu out of hundreds of Bitcoins. Why don’t you just lay it out? Convince people!

:smiley: really… [quote=“jooize, post:18, topic:4281”]
but I didn’t notice any scam accusations until now beyond the occasional “Ponzi

… And I 100% believe you! :smiley:

B&C had a somewhat suspicious group of “seed investors” but it was arguably required to get the project funding going. Assuming we can do the accounting (e.g. ask core devs to report their income) at least the money was put in B&C. Also don’t remember Jordan surrendered all his BTC to FLOT. For his level of anonymity he did not have to play games to run away with the money.

Now my major concern is that he isn’t doing anything for B&C, and he might be holding an alarming amount of BKS. Has he abandoned the project? While I’m perfectly fine that sigmike takes his place, he might be holding as much as 40k BKS. If Jordan doesn’t explain his plans then extreme measures will be banning some BKS to reduce the exposure to the risk of Jordan’s defection.