[Signer Voting] Cryptog's B&C exchange reputed signer proposal: See list of coins in the thread

Please vote for 8c3VfkYUUaFWp75SiMhFasmWwmYVoWqTaT

Hi B&C Exchange’s shareholders and community members!

I would like to propose my service as a reputed signer for signing crypto-asset exchange transactions on the B&C Exchange’s blockchain.

List of planned supported crypto-assets: BKS, BKC, NSR, NBT, BTC, and more depending on the circumstances and requests from shareholders.

I plan to use a dedicated desktop to fulfill my role as a reputed signer but I can use a dedicated VPS, if needed.

Either way this will be behind Tor.

I will take 3 backups of the wallets:
1- on the hard drive of the machine running the clients
2- on an external hard drive
3- on a usb stick

This OP will be updated as I get feedback from shareholders.

As for me:

I am cryptog.
I am a shareholder of both B&C Exchange and Nu.
I have been contributing to both decentralized autonomous organizations pretty much every day since their launch.
I am also a B&C Exchange data feed provider and a Nu data feed [provider]
([NEW] Cryptog’s Nu data feeds - BETA) .
I am also a NSR/BTC/BKS FLOT member .
As a shareholder of B&C Exchange, I am one of the few public faces.
My public linkedin profile can be found here.
Based out of Tokyo, I feel very comfortable being public since the environment here is probably the most crypto friendly in the world. Therefore there is no particular reason to think that I would be more the object of targetted attacks than anonymous signers.
I run B&C Exchange Japan group on facebook and the B&C Exchange Japan twitter account .
Finally, recently I contributed to the recruitment of eleven as a senior C++ developer for B&C Exchange, via Satoshi’s collar, a recruiting service dedicated to the blockchain industry that I co-own with crypto_coiner.

So far, I believe I have built up enough trust from the B&C Exchange and Nu communities and I have shown enough dedication via my humble contributions to make me a decent reputed signer.

I am opened to any suggestions that would improve my proposal or help me prepare for being a better reputed signer before the voting process has started.

Thank you for taking the time to read through till the end!

Edit: added Tor
Edit2: added backup related info
Edit3: added info on eleven’s recruiting
Edit4: added the address


Would be great to have you as a signer! Also its great to have such an active B&C/Nu shareholder from Japan I feel there is still lots of room for Crypto to grow in Japan. After mt. Gox I can only inmagine the demand for a truly decentralized exchange must be huge over there!

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Please note that I can already starting experimenting the connection of B&C Exchange client to Nu and Bitcoin clients as a starter since I am running full Nu and Bitcoin nodes on a desktop dedicated for that only (With my NuShares and BlockShares, I vote on a separate machine).


Keen to hear how you go with the connections and ports. Should work but I never tried it. Are you running clients on VPS or on desktop together with the nodes?

I am planning to experiment the connection of the client full nodes to the bcexchange client full node on the desktop and see if it is good enough for signing securely.
Is there somewhere a doc that indicates how to make the connection between the B&C exchange client and the other blockchain clients @JordanLee ?

EDIT: added info

My desktop has 8G of Ram, this processor, and 342 GB of ROM (HDD)
I think it would be good enough for Nu, B&C and Bitcoin blockchain signing.
What do you think?

Ps: ROM is an old terminology that looks antiquated. Please read 342 GB HDD.

Looks good!
I’m trying a way slower system (with regard to CPU power).

ROM might not be the best choice for a minting device :smiley:

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I use it all the time on my minting machine.
I have not experienced any issue so far.
Are u suggesting SSD is better? Certainly it is but it s still ROM in my def.

Edit: typo

I think you’re mixing some things up here.

One of the few ROMs in your computer should be the EPROM from your main board for example.

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I think you re right.
I somehow thought that anything different from Ram was Rom since the day i first learned about computers till today.
I guess i learned something today too :slight_smile:

I’ll vote for you as reputed signer!

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I will propose an address to vote on today. Please stay tuned.

Please vote for 8c3VfkYUUaFWp75SiMhFasmWwmYVoWqTaT .


Thanks for serving BlockShare holders in this way @cryptog. Due to the quality of your long standing participation in our community and good compliance with NuLaw, I support you as a reputed signer.

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