Hangout right now with Pascal Hamonic

Youtube: Part 1

YouTube: Part 2

Please excuse the video quality on my end. Hangouts very much down scaled it for some reason.


Pascal Hamonic is cryptog.

I hope I did fine.

PS: Please bear with me. It is the first time I do a video interview, I am not a native English speaker and my understanding of NuBits is not perfect.


I think it went brilliantly! Thanks again Cryptog!


Tks to your time, sjalq.
By the way, if you have any questions, please ask directly in this thread for example.
A lot of shareholders will be happy to answer toroughly.

Nice job @cryptog! The Peercoin/Nu communities have always been filled mostly with anonymous members, yet when you look at other projects their contributors are featured publicly on websites, videos and speakers at conferences, helping to give a public face and personality to the project.

Can I ask why you don’t have any problem revealing your identity? I have posted on other websites before using my real identity, but I’m constantly reminded by others that it might not be a good idea. For example, me and @masterOfDisaster have talked about this several times.

I personally don’t like the idea of hiding my identity. I could really care less if people know who I am. Plenty of other people in various projects are public and blockchain projects and businesses are increasing in number in the real world. I’m starting to feel less and less concerned that anything negative will come out of being public.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to important people like Sunny and Jordan. I’m nobody special though, just a shareholder and supporter. What do you think about this?

It’s not up to you to define the perception of your involvement in the future; it might change to a negative outcome. That’s a sad lesson taught by history.

Why do you think you aren’t important?
You are first of all a human being.
You should care about protecting yourself and the people that are associated with you.
It’s your choice to willingly forfeit your anonymity.
You should be aware of possible consequences before doing it.

In a pyramidal system, only the top is valued and weighs.
On the blockchain, by construction every node weighs and counts.

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What is reason about that?

I am afraid you are fetch-able on Facebook :scream:

I know. Honestly I think it’s too late now anyway. When I first got into crypto I didn’t think privacy was a big deal, so I used my personal email address and the same user name that I use on every website.

The problem is that by the time I had realized that anonymity might be an issue, I had already built up a positive reputation using my user name Sentinelrv. That user name is linked to my real identity, as well as my personal email address.

I’m not just going to abandon my Sentinelrv identity in the crypto community. I would have to start from scratch to build up my reputation again using a new user name and email and I don’t want to go through that. Even if I did switch over to a new online identity, my existing Sentinelrv identity would still be searchable on the internet by anyone. They’ll still know who I am. I think it’s too late to really change anything now.


By the way, I just finished watching both videos. Great interview! Sorry for derailing the thread.

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That was no derailing. It was strictly related to the topic - in my opinion.

Thanks @cryptog for evangelizing NuBits, and putting a public face on it.

Thanks to @sjalq for conducting the interview!


Well overall, I feel secure in Japan in terms of crypto-currency related legislation. I do not fear being arrested by the JP gov for contributing to a pegged crypto.
Japan is a very friendly country towards cryptos despite mtgox.
Also, I feel it is important to have non anonymous or non pseudo-anonymous members so that Nu can have a public face. This motivated me for revealing my identity.


@Chronos was a public face for Peercoin for a little while with all the instructional and intro videos he made for us. I wonder why he doesn’t participate more with Nu since it’s so much more active than Peercoin.


That’s a very noble move. I think you’re only the third face after Ben and chronos. Thanks for that.

Quick idea: Find nubits members around the world and create promotion teams for local conferences.


Tks. By the way I have posted below the preliminary Q/A I prepared before having the actual interview.

Let us talk NuBits with Pascal Hamonic (cryptog) - Video interview conducted by Schalk Dormehl - Preliminary Q/A - 02FEB16

EDIT: published also daology: