B&C Exchange is hiring two full time C++ developers

This would be helpful to know, so we can keep advertising if needed.

I think it’s reasonable to assume that recruitment should continue until Jordan Lee states that developers have been hired. I’ve done recruitment for blockchain development in the past and it is very difficult to find skilled, motivated candidates.

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The specific hours the developers work is quite flexible. I just want the devs to be fully engaged and not distracted with other work. In some cultures full time is considered to be 40 hours a week, while in others it is less than that. The definition of full time hours can be negotiated with each candidate.

There are no strong candidates being actively interviewed or considered at this time. We still need help recruiting.

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I actually just checked @creon’s Nu forum profile and noticed that he had been online here just today, about 6 hours ago! I don’t believe he was visiting before, so I took this as a welcome surprise.

I ended up writing a long message to him talking about how we’ve improved on a lot things he previously had issue with, such as shareholder transparency and control over tier 4 funds with the establishment of FLOT and the fact that shareholders have been taking a much larger role in shaping our liquidity operations. I talked about the open positions as well and told him that we’d all be ecstatic if he returned.

He wanted to be part of a network where the community/shareholders had control and equal say over how things got done, not just the main development team. I still believe Nu is that place, so I’m not giving up on @creon.


When would the success fee be transferred?

When I referred somebody for Peershares, I was paid every time the developer was paid. Not sure if that would still work the same though.


@cryptog has very good reason for asking. Hopefully we will be able to announce a new B&C dev very soon.

The fee will be paid twice monthly for 6 months.


This is great! – seems like our international network of blockchain devs at satoshiscollar.jp is substantial.
Happy to hear that.

Please welcome Xiaochuan Wu (aka @Eleven) to the B&C Exchange team as a Senior C++ Developer. Details are available on the Bitcointalk thread.

He comes to us courtesy of @cryptog, who will receive a 10% referral bonus on Xiaochuan’s earnings during the first six months (until September 13th).


Awesome news. Welcome to the team Xiaochuan! Thanks for the help finding dev talent @cryptog. Does he have a profile here on the forum yet?

Also, are you still hiring for a second position, because I noticed this thread is no longer stickied?

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Hi everyone,
I am Xiaochuan Wu. You can call me Eleven because this username is cool :). I am glad to join B&C Exchange family. Now I am together with B&C Exchange, and I will do my best to make it better.



Welcome @Eleven .

I am glad it worked out!

I am sure you will be doing an awesome job solving very interesting technical challenges while working on B&C.

Nu and B&C are certainly among the most innovative projects in the crypto sphere.

Therefore we need very talented programmers like you.

I am also very glad that I could use my recruiting skills for Nu and B&C.

More than the financial reward that was an important incentive for sure, I am thrilled to be able to recruit crucial members for something I relieve believe in and something I am a shareholder of.

It is actually the first in my whole entire career as a professional recruiter,

I am glad that satoshiscollar.jp that I co-run with @crypto_coiner was effective for Nu and B&C !

EDIT: I would like to add a very important piece of information.

I did introduce @Eleven to @JordanLee but @Eleven was first referred to me by @crypto_coiner who has a very extensive network globally, wider than mine.
So I would like personally to thank @crypto_coiner for his referral and give him credit for @Eleven 's recruiting.
As you may already know, @crypto_coiner and I are business partners in Tokyo (and at the same time family related), sharing the same office space.
So in case it may have caused some confusion so far, I hope there will not be any from now on :slight_smile:


Welcome eleven! Glad to have you!

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Welcome @Eleven
We are connected on linkedin:)


Welcome. Thank you for joining the project!

@cryptog And thank you for putting this together. Hopefully momentum will really start picking up! :smile:


Thank you everyone here for your welcome. With you talented guys, I believe we could make it better and achieve our great goals.

Cheers, Cryptog. You did really well. You have a very good technical recruiting skill. I will devote all my strength to our project.


Thank you Yurizhai. Let’s do our best to achieve our great goal. :smiley:

Welcome @Eleven!
It’s good to see such a deal of mutual benefit.

I hope you have fun and even can learn new things with what you are doing for BCE.

I’m convinced that the world needs a decentralized exchange, which is simple for users (trading native assets) to free them from the dangers of centralized exchanges.
So you are contributing to something very valuable (not mainly speaking about BKS price here :wink: ) .
I’m glad about that - for you, the BKS holders and the world :slight_smile:


Thank you for your welcoming. I feel luck and glad to do something very valuable(not about BKS price). Also the project is a challenge for me, however I would like to do hard thing and exploit my fully potential.:slight_smile: