[Passed] Motion to join FLOT - cryptog

I have been a NuShareholder from Sep 2014.
I got a custodial grant for my liquidity operations on ccedk in Jan this year.
I am also a data feed provider.
I have been contributing to this forum almost every day.
I have also helped test the ALP software to name a few contributions.

I think most shareholders will have confidence in my ability to fulfill my role as a FLOT member if I get elected.
There are some differences with other proposals, highlighted in bold.

This is the official motion in which I, @cryptog cryptog propose my services as a paid member of the FLOT group.

Motion RIPEMD160 hash is: 1f4c3c12af65629a7fdf041b5d4ae872378fc9eb

=##=##=##=##=##=## Motion hash starts with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

Motion to join FLOT - cryptog

@cryptog shall be one of the members of the First Liquidity Operations Team (FLOT).@cryptog will coordinate with other members of FLOT, members of FSRT and other individuals elected by motion if necessary, with the objective of defending the peg. @cryptog agrees to be a part of FLOT for at least one year and to abide by all shareholder motions governing the use of funds. @cryptog will be able to respond to any request for signing within 48 hours of its proposal; shareholders must be promptly informed of exceptions.

Compensation for @cryptog will occur in 90-day cycles, for a total of 12 months. By the end of each cycle, a total of amount of 366 NBT shall be paid to @cryptog, conditional on satisfactory performance, which shall be measured in terms of his presence, effort and contribution. @cryptog reserves the right to withdraw from his service if he does not receive the full amount of compensation by the end of any cycle. @cryptog reserves the right to stop his membership in case he thinks he cannot fulfill anymore his mission or in case he thinks the compensation is not sufficient. In such cases, @cryptog will inform shareholders with a 30-day notice. For periods shorter than 90-day cycles, @cryptog will be compensated on a pro rata basis.

The service of @cryptog and the compensation cycles will commence from the passage of this motion.

=##=##=##=##=##=## Motion hash ends with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

Verify. Use everything between and including the <motionhash></motionhash> tags.

Tks a lot in advance.

EDIT: added the motion hash.


Since I have not received any negative feedbacks I will edit the title to [Voting] soon.

EDIT: updated to [Voting]

Motion hash is 1f4c3c12af65629a7fdf041b5d4ae872378fc9eb

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Tks. I have added the hash to the OP.


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Note that I ask for less compensation than the other FLOT proposal because I guarantee being able to sign only within 48 hours and I reserve the right to stop my service in case I think I cannot fulfill anymore my mission or in case I think the compensation is not sufficient.

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According to JL’s idea,

we need 7 multsig addresses for FLOT.

We have 7 proposals including mine:

They all seem reasonable. Therefore I will vote for all of them.

Thanks for your proposal. Reasonable proposal, supporting this and adding to my datafeed.

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Tks for your support.


1f4c3c12af65629a7fdf041b5d4ae872378fc9eb" : {
“blocks” : 5774,
“block_percentage” : 57.74,
“sharedays” : 1726559368,
“shareday_percentage” : 59.18075271


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Thank you for your support. It passed.