Proposal to develop a NuBits Android wallet - Final version now available

That is right. It is not easy to see e.g. how many of your votes have contributed to this proposal. Maybe a nice-to-have feature request for the devs? Ideally you would like to see this information in your wallet.

Congrat! Wish andriod version available ASAP, afterall PPC andriod wallet is there. When is ios version? :smile:


We are good to go! I’ve just signed the contract with the developer and transferred the first contractual payment of 1600 NBT (TxID: 9693cb7aaa4ce1c19d98dd66161e8c18e30800e11783cc5d8752fba4363d17d4)

From now on I will update you on progress and interesting facts regularly.


Looking forward to @Cybnate’s Interesting Facts. :smile:

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Happy to post the first update on the development of the NuBits Android wallet funded by the Shareholders.

Here are some of the activities:

  • Last weekend I’ve handed over the SSH keys and passwords to the development cloudserver to Matthew.

  • Matthew started with some work setting up the firewall etc. and move some stuff over.

  • On Monday we were locked out of the server after I got a message from the cloudserver provider that there was an issue. We lost a full day after it became clear that rebooting didn’t help and we had to revert to a backup. Cause unknown, but cloudserver provider did some maintenance work 2 days before, by lack of a better explanation I believe they messed up something. Will keep on monitoring it and ensure backups are working. Good test anyway.

  • I’ve created two public repositories for Matthew, one for the Android client and one for the ABE blockexplorer. They are still empty, but I will link to them once populated with code.

  • Tuesday (yesterday) Matthew reported that we got the basic NuBits explorer running. Have seen it working briefly but I think it is not stable yet. Not ready for show-time anyway, but I’ve added a screenshot at the bottom as proof.

Just to clarify we need the blockexplorer running as support for the client. Nice thing is that we also get a second blockexplorer for NuBits only. NuShares may be added later if desired, but that is not part of this work. The blockexplorer can be used independently from the Android client.

Hope to post further updates and screenshots in the next few days. Stay tuned.


Great update and great progress.
Thanks to both @Cybnate and Matthew for their continued hard work on this.

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@Cybnate, I’m not sure how you’ll have one, without the other. @MatthewLM, are you actively parsing out NSR transactions? Both NSR and NBT transactions use the same blockchain.

is “approx time” in GMT?

Yes I am ignoring Nushares transactions as it would cause issues with Abe otherwise.

Thank you for the follow-up, @MatthewLM. That makes sense to me.

Well, at least that is the intention :smile:

I’m way over due with an update on the NuBits Android development, so here is one:

  • Explorer appears to be stable. I’m having some issues with the SSL certificate request, but hope to sort that in next few days. Once that is done I can also add the Cloudflare service to protect the explorer and optimise the mobile wallet. Once all confirmed I will publish the NuBits only explorer domain name so it can be tested and verified by a wider audience.

  • I’ve created a NuBitsj repository on Matthew’s request. We will populate that repo and the others once we think it is fit for beta testing by the community.

  • Unfortunately there is an issue with making certain NuBitsj messages recognised by the NuBits client. Without the source code, Matthew is relying on the core devs to provide further information. There is a risk that this delays the delivery, but I’m still hoping the devs can make themselves available to progress this and sort this soon.


Further updates as of today:

  • The issue with NuBitsj has been solved thanks to NuBits devs.

  • Matthew will do the testing of the App in next 36 hours. Hope it passes…

  • I’ve organised the Cloudfare account which is now ready to use. Server-side SSL still not working due to verification issues, but worst case we can do without and rely on Cloudflare’s SSL till this is sorted. This shouldn’t be a showstopper and most people won’t notice as the SSL lock in the browser will show anyway.

The coincidence of the first release with Christmas is a bit unfortunate as both Matthew and myself will be mostly unavailable for those two days. Although I might get a first version of the APK in next 36 hours, I won’t be able to test much until the 27th, but I will aim to publish the blockexplorer and the Android APK for sideloading soon thereafter.

Will aim for another update before I’m going off-line. Christmas starts 12 hours earlier than GMT over here :slight_smile:


Here is another update:

  • Matthew has delivered a working APK! Can confirm that with some testing of basic functionality.
  • Getting SSL up and running on block explorer took a bit more time than expected, but we managed to make that working yesterday
  • After I turned on Cloudflare we apparently have another SSL issue with Cloudflare which doesn’t seem to recognise our SSL certificate. Waiting on support to answer my request for help.

As soon as this is sorted I expect to publish a copy of the APK in the cloud to start the agreed 14 days of testing by the community. Will also publish all the code and the location. Hope this will all be fixed in next day or so. The test version is just that, and will be replaced by a final version after the 14 days of testing and then officially published on Google App store.

I’m looking forward to share this great App and the NuBits blockexplorer with you and tell everything you want to know about it.

Stay tuned.

Edit: update, Cloudflare issue sorted. It just takes some time to confirm the certs apparently. Have asked Matthew to upload the sources as soon as he is available so I can publish the test version of the app.


Ok, it is getting late here, so here is a little teaser with the NuBits Abe blockexplorer which supports the Android App. Will publish the App and further instructions first thing in my morning after Matthew updated the repos. Stay tuned.

Click ->

The explorer only shows the NuBits transactions and is a bit limited, but it works and you can lookup transactions and it even has an API. It doesn’t auto-refresh.

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TEST Version 1.0 of Android App released!!

30-12-2014 (GMT)

Today I can finally share with you the result of the work done by Matthew and myself on the development of the NuBits Android wallet. Thanks for your patience in the last few days. We can now confirm it is stable, functional and working according to specifications.

Please note that this is a TEST APK version in a production environment with real NBT and that you have to be prepared to loose any coins and re-install the application in 14 days time. Please backup and encrypt your wallet before adding coins to it. There are also ways to export the private keys but that is not for the uninitiated (search for Bitcoin ABE Android private keys export and replace Bitcoin with NuBits). Please use small amounts to test and nothing more you can afford to loose.

Download link
All right, with that disclaimer out of the way, here is the download link:!s4NknRwC!bdJS9nsEy9GsQMrGZ-vltFfYjaDFvT_x78U2epMzLA8
Updated 3-Jan-15 (now links directly into Https without using redirect)!hgt1HIgA!PGMjLTrzr43De6TfocSwLrhfptfyprGQL0w_Q8bt0lc
You can find the blockchain explorer here:

You may need to install an APK manager/installer to sideload this TEST App. This won’t be required for the final version which will be published on Google Apps. I’ve attached a few pictures at the bottom of this post, so you can see how it should look like.

Source code:
The repository for the ABE explorer here:
The repository for nubitsj here:
And the wallet itself here:

Here is the link to the original contracted work:
Please check the link (especially the functionality section) before submitting any issues.

Submitting Issues
Please use this thread to submit any issues/bugs and I will compile them for the dev. It is important to raise issues rather sooner than later as after the 14 days period the developer will be paid for his work and is no longer formally obliged to fix issues according to the contract.

I’m also welcoming a wish-list, but keep it a bit down to earth and feasible. Some have already been mentioned in the gist, but happy to add to this list. As the code is open source people are free to add pull requests with fixes after the 14 day -period when the code is final for this first release. However I’m not promising any new releases until I have been able to contract or arrange a developer to test any PRs and compile the code.

Why use this App over the other Android app

  • This App is paid by the NuBits shareholders and not in control of a third party or competing entity.
  • Although I don’t accept any formal liability I can be morally held accountable to ensure this App continues to work as per the custodial grant. As the hosting has been pre-paid for at least 18 months I will commit doing so or ensuring it will be done.
  • This App can be changed, tweaked and tailored by the community as they wish. I intend to raise at least one proposal based on input from the community for a custodial grant to release an improved version.
  • This App has an address book. Good to track your transactions and add e.g. your friend’s names to them
  • This App is optimised for mobile and is likely faster (no guarantees).
  • Add your own trusted peer node (or run it uniquely)
  • (advanced) Source code is available so you could set up your own trusted server and compile the App to connect to your own server
  • Check out the features in the gist as there are a few more…

Enjoy testing the App!

Pictures of the App:

The home screen. Tips:

  • Fiat currency defaults to your country code, click a fiat currency and add as default on top bar to change it
  • Click on QR-code to enlarge it
  • Click scan to scan a QR code

The network monitor. Check here whether your blockchain is up to date and to which peers you are connected

And finally the settings:

Please have a look yourself for more :smile:

The testing period ends on Tuesday 13 January 2015 at 23:59:59 (GMT).

Known issue log:

  • 02-Jan-15 4:21am (GMT) When selecting a transaction and selecting setting and then browse in the brown bar, it should you link to the transaction in the blockexplorer. However the link is broken in the domain name which results in a message that the webpage is not available.
  • 02-Jan-15 11:10pm (GMT) Issue fixed (clear browser cache first). Don’t need apk update for this one.

The App is working well. it installed without issue and all the standard functions are working as expected.
I have sent and received NuBits, generated new addresses, added labels, added trusted peers and generally tried to break it.
Had a simple crash when sending NBT but the crash report interface worked perfectly when I restarted the wallet, so a debug log is on it’s way. It’s entirely likely that it’s my insistence on running flaky custom ROMs that is to blame though.

I’l continue trying to break it over the next few days and be sure to report back here with anything that I find.

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I’m having a bit of trouble. I have three devices, all of which are unable to catch up with the blockchain. They get stuck at different heights though…

my initial sync took ~20 minutes. it did pause a fair few times but never seemed stuck.
might be worth force quitting and restarting