What you can do with NuBits RIGHT NOW

Today is a great day for the Nu network. We had some negativity thrown at us, but I wanted to talk about how far we’ve come in JUST 3 MONTHS. Not even a full quarter of a year.

So, what can you do with NuBits RIGHT NOW?

  • You can take NuBits ANYWHERE. @erasmospunk, who is now a member of the NuBits development team, created the wonderful mobile app Coinomi. Coinomi supports NuBits AND NuShares. We also have a community supported NuBits android app on the way spearheaded by @Cybnate. People can carry NuBits around with them anywhere they go. Accept them for purchases. Use them to bet with friends.

  • You can use NuBits to hedge against volatile crypto or profit from arbitrage. We talk about the great speculative asset in NuShares but NuBits is a traders best friend. Right now on numerous exchanges users have the ability to trade into NuBits to prevent losses on crypto volatility.

  • You can buy anything online that accepts Bitcoin! Store your value in NuBits and spend it in Bitcoin using ShapeShift lens. Anywhere that Bitcoin is accepted online can be used by Nubits holders thanks to @ShapeShift_io. No need to worry about losing 10% of your value overnight and you can still buy all kinds of cool stuff.

  • Share the wealth with tipping! Reddit.com provides a lot of the traffic that comes to our website and forum. It’s a great place with a lot of crypto enthusiasts. @woolly_sammoth took the initiative to set up a bot that can be used to tip NuBits right on the website through commenting. We have the goal to get tipping available on other services like Twitter, but for now this is a great place to share the NBT love.

  • You can relax. Almost every crypto took a huge stumble today in the market. If you had NuBits then you had nothing to worry about. Your value is safe.

Am I missing anything? No other stable value digital currency offers what NuBits can offer right now. We are the leader and many great things are in the works to keep us there.

Marketing video comes out tomorrow. Get hyped!

  1. Pay salaries and get paid without loosing/making money on price
  2. Convert income from crypto e-commerce in NuBits and sleep well.
  3. Land NuBits and know how much you own/owe at any time.
  4. Run a month-long crowd-funding campaign.
  5. Make a vanity cold-storage wallet with bippy.nu , put in the drawer and go to sleep. Or make a paper-wallet for a friend.
  6. Quickly transfer stable funds from one exchange to another without going to fiat in three minutes (1 minute block time).
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