Poloniex wont return my nsr back


I couldn’t trade (no time for crypto) for a while.
I saw in otcober they had delisted NSR.

Yet, I tried a withdraw from poloniex to alcurex. It’s still pending since.
I contacted them, they told me to wait.
A month later, nothing happened. I contacted them again, but no response.

This is pissing me off, I never experienced such a delay.

Do you have any idea of what to do ?
I read on bitcointalk, some others holders are facing same issue.

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You could ask the network to just print some new Nushares via a grant for you just like it did for @jordanlee. @lissajous would you vote for it?


How to apply, I also have a lot of NSR can not be removed in poloniex!

It’s actually not unthinkable for this to happen when faced with proven thefts or protocol bugs causing lost tokens. Some things needed to be clearly laid out are provable destruction of the lost NSR and communication and cooperation from Poloniex. I don’t think it is likely to resort to that because if we had cooperation from Poloniex, it would be easier just to fix their wallet.

Who judges what is provable and what is not? The voting majority of the network, i.e. @JordanLee. Not you :wink: Those potential NSR stock options must have left you sleepless. Hope you will recover soon and get some sleep!

Thanks for your answer.
Can you please tell me what I need to do ? Open a thread ? Ask for it in the comments of the thread you mentionned ?

You asked me if I would vote for it, so I had assumed you were talking about shareholders being the judge.

I think the stock options are a reward for people who have helped get the network to where it is at. While I bet you will never admit it is the case in Nu, I imagine you would agree that people should be rewarded for contributing to a success. Although, now we’re rehashing stuff from another thread here.

no problem, you are welcome. @jooize is the boss when it comes to daily operations and together with @JordanLee / @Phoenix holds the majority voting power of the network. Since it’s hard to get any answer from @JordanLee/@Phoenix, I recommend you approach @jooize publicly and ask him if they could just print some new Nushares for you. The good thing is: while @lissajous says you need some sort of proof that your NSR are lost, @Phoenix didn’t have to provide any proof whatsoever and was reimbursed over 200 million NSR. Lucky you that @lissajous has no significant influence on the decision making processes in this network. Good luck!

Thanks for taking your time to help, I’ll do that. I haven’t that much NSR, but I just want them. I hope it can be done.

You should learn the difference between proof and opinion. Wonderful crypto is designed to bring about much more possibilities to prove things than we have in our current societal systems. In fact, @JordanLee had a chance to prove at least part of his story. Instead, he went for an opinion of the network. And when you own the voting majority of the whole network which you obtained through very questionable actions, then what is that opinion still worth? In my opinion (see?) nothing. In your opinion (see?) something. And then there are more influential factors which have an influence on opinions. That list is endless, and it is to blame for wars and injustice. Financial incentives are part of that list. NSR stock options are financial incentives. Nu shows that there is still a long way to go to make use of decentralized systems in a way that they improve overall equality. Only because @JordanLee receives a reward doesn’t mean that he deserves the reward. Only because he receives the reward doesn’t mean that it must have been justified by success in the first place.

Did you really summon me into this thread just so I could be pinged whenever you feel like rambling things to me? I’m insignificant to the network, but that doesn’t stop me from sharing my opinion. We’ve agreed on some things in the past, but you are motivated by your desire to “get back” at Phoenix for “getting back” at you for letting NuBit customers take the loss for NuShareholders mistakes.

The same situation! Poloniex does not want to send NSR coins from my account to another exchange. We will have to open a grant and vote for reimbursement.

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I created a grant, I think that everyone who still has money on the Poloniex exchange should open such grants for reimbursement.