[Voting] Reimbursement of funds from the Poloniex exchange

Request: 89189.00000 NSR
Address: SaUP1ZyURMY66LNsXZ3qpc9Tgj8urwMDLo

I just want to refund my funds, which I can not get from the Poloniex exchange.
Thanks @woolly_sammoth for help and thanks to everyone who helped me so much!


I have the same issue :confused: i contacted the poloniex support team to resolve my Pending transaction but they never seem to reach out to me. Tried canceling the transactions and tried different amounts but still the same problem. Created 4 different support tickets throughout time of wait but no luck. Have 1183264 shares that is stuck on the exchange.

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How to vote, I also encountered the same problem

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Hey guys, it’s good to have you on board. The Nu family is very generous. @Phoenix, for example, was reimbursed with almost 250 million Nushares and he didn’t even have to prove anything. He just said he was “hacked”. It seems socialism plays a huge role in the network. @jooize, @woolly_sammoth, @Cybnate, @lissajous belong to the group that firmly believes in the fundamental values of this project. Please reach out to them either publicly or via PM to get your NSR freshly printed by the network. It is possible for 250 million NSR without any sort of proof. I can’t see why you guys shouldn’t get your “pennies” back. Nu has done so much for its king, now it’s time to demonstrate that Nu knows there is no king without a mob.

Edit: I will vote for your grants!

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Thank you @MaVo very much!

I think that you also need to open a similar grand other post in the same topic.

Of course you do, you also voted for the Phoenix grant didn’t you? Or are you just stirring?

Not voting for any grant reimbursing coins for anyone, sorry guys. Didn’t vote for Phoenix reimbursement either. Lost is lost, unless you have irrevocable proof that you own the coins and have no longer access to them AND no one else has access to them now and in the future. Even if you are reimbursed based on flimsy proof then we also have the issue that Poloniex still has the coins.

So without a very clear statement from Poloniex CEO that he destroyed all NSR in their posession and a list of people with IDs owning those coins you are not in a good position I believe. The risk of keeping coins on an exchange. Don’t keep coins on an exchange if you are not trading, it is inherently unsafe and you will eventually loose coins which will not be reimbursed by anyone.

Note: I’m just a minority shareholder.

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Perhaps citing a link to this thread in a support ticket to Poloniex will get the ball rolling on getting customers their NuShares back. Like I’ve said in another thread, it will likely be easier for Poloniex developers to fix the wallet instead of organizing a reimbursement on a large scale to people with a stuck NSR balance.

What does large scale mean to you? The number of NSR or the number of people affected? @Phoenix was reimbursed for almost 250 million NSR without any proof whatsoever. Do you think your words sound fair in the ears of all those small fishes? Dude, I am proud to be not like you, seriously! :wink:

Edit: These small fishes now get to feel more than ever what it means to be subject to centralized power in a wannabe decentralized network. You think you are part of a revolution, but you are not. I am.

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Why not just blackball the addresses and reimburse everyone?


As per above email, I’m not supporting it anyway, but that could be an option. Leaves everyone to prove they really owned the coins and finding out which addresses from Poloniex to blackball. Maybe you can help with that as you appear to have good connections with Poloniex.

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excuse me . we suggested before launching a campaign against poloniex and taking legal actions but the nu team seems to really trust poloniex . printing nushares will just be a fast effective solution till poloniex burn the nushares they have (or at least contacting us) . if poloniex turned to be really a scam then we could get back to the first options and sue them right ? @jooize i would like to know your thoughts here

In another topic, we have been arguing for quite some time about the fact that Poloniex does not respond to our support tickets. This may mean that they may no longer have our coins, or they do not want to return them. In any case, opening a ticket is useless - they just do not answer.

I also think that the frost of the Poloniex exchange purse from the NU team and the subsequent refund of coins to all users of this exchange who will announce the corresponding grant. Since the exchange does not respond to our requests and in that case to the requests from the NU team (as I understand it), this way looks the simplest without legal action.

I think that they do not have these coins or have lost access to them. Most likely, the exchange does not already have these coins otherwise they would have given them without problems and delays. They value their reputation and it is unprofitable for them to stop withdrawing coins from users’ balances for no reason.