[Voting] Grant of NSR tokens as Poloniex does not answer anymore


As someone suggested it to me, I open this. (Poloniex wont return my nsr back - #12 by Bubleek)
Like I said, I was not able for months to deal with cryptos, no time at all for personnal reasons. I’m kind of worried now. I always liked this project (I’m not lying).
Of course, I will cancel my pending deposit (and prove it here with a screenshot).
My unsuccessful attempt to withdraw :

My buy history :

Deposit adress : SWSMAqHZLFpDRjfEoDGn6hsCfcNm5nMYba
Amount : 118942.45744032

Thanks for your concern,


Do I have to consider my funds lost ? I mean I know Poloniex has the coins, but they just don’t care, forever. They said three months ago they have to do it manually…
Well I’ll be dead and maybe Poloniex too before anything happens.

I must say I’m pretty sad about it, I just bought this to hodl it. It was a wise move, and I felt good about the Nu projects. But now I just have nothing.

Please if anyone has any idea, I’d like to hear it.

I feel sorry for your loss :frowning: