[Passed] Proposal for creation of macosx builds

To shareholders of NuBits and B&C Exchange,

Please consider current situation with macosx builds of your organisations as outlined by @JordanLee

RIPEMD-160 7a59a0da73f05667e8ab443487fffb21d61a15f1

I propose to provide regular macosx builds of all major releases of NuBits and B&C Exchange projects for a period of 6 months for 400NBT. New macosx builds will be produced as soon as new official build for windows and linux becomes available, not later than 2 weeks after official release.

Builds will have the following features:

  • 64bit x86 architecture
  • upnp support
  • qt4 gui framework
  • latest security updates of openssl and miniupnpc

I will also provide technical support of said macosx builds on the official forum of nubits in appropriate thread.


NuBits grant address: BACKPAcVxFXfRXCmUBFWZjcAw79ZyJAAUA
Vote amount: 400NBT

Please note, that If signed builds are required, extra 100NBT will be needed to get active apple developer subscription.

Passed on 20th of May 2016, current contract will expire on 20th of November 2016.


Seems like a lot of work for 400NBT’s, do a good job and ask for more in 6 months.

B&C was executed well.

After 10 posts consent yes, I will send $25 to the address.

For the extra 100 NBT for signed builds, how long does that last with Apple, is that for the year?

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I agree that this is a great deal for shareholders.

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great proposal.

Good proposal! Can you make sure it’ll become official? I know there is trust problem outside of the dev group.

My stupid question: if you post your tutorial of how to build QT application on MacOS, and several readers follow. Do those several application files(.dmg) share same checksum?

yep, that’s the apple tax per year. unfortunate side effect of that is that i’ll have to provide my real address to apple.

Unfortunately, no two builds are the same, because of timestamps of files at least.

So using your build is a matter of trust just like using any other compiled binary is.
As long as people are aware of that (here: MacOS application being provided by a supplier rather than the Nu core development team), I see no problem with that.

Yes, true as with any other binary, I will provide sha256 sums for all builds as well, so users can verify that my builds haven’t been tampered with after upload.

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That’s just as much as someone could wish for without official MacOS builds; thank you!
All who don’t like running your build, might try to build their own version, run Parallels, VirtualBox or alike to use an official build, or get a tiny RaspberryPi for fifty bucks and build there (which is thanks to documentation no very hard task).

I like to support your proposal. I’ve just added [draft] to your proposal as it was new and I was unsure about its status.
If you want to change it to [voting] you can do so yourself. I would appreciate to have a hash of your proposal before adding it to my datafeed. You can create a hash by uploading your proposal to Daology.org

Edit: does the period of 6 months have unlimited builds? Maybe add something like you only rebuilt when an official Windows and Linux version is rebuilt by the Nu dev team. Maybe a time limit e.g. within 1 or 2 weeks or so would also be great.

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Sadly to hear that, but at least we have unofficial MacOS release! :slight_smile:

BTW, I’ve installed “fink” on my macbook, and get ready for open source unix software.

Can I directly download Linux daemon version and run it on my Macbook? I’ll try tonight.

Thanks for the tip about time limit, added hash and daology link and changed subject to voting.

Based on what I’ve read, I will support this proposal.

There is risk involved with third-party releases, but @backpacker has an established track record on other projects as far as I can tell. The primary risk seems to be BlockShareholders losing their cryptoequity if the MacOSX client secretly transferred wallet data to an external server. It is unlikely that, even in the event the MacOSX release was malicious, the attacker could accumulate enough BKS to vote in corrupt signers.

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I am going to send you 30NBT, Is this NBT address correct? I found no transaction till now from Nuexplorer.

BTW, can you program for iphone app?


I have some concerns for only trusting one person to do the build. I know about 5 lines of HTML to give you an idea how smart I am when it comes to the things inside the box. My concern in security.

I am curious if you think it is a good idea for the shareholders to entrust such a task to one person.

Address is freshly generated for this proposal.

I have some experience with mobile app development for apple, however it was done using cross platform tooling, not native iOS objective c stuff. I am better with Android to be honest

What did you have in mind?

In my opinion, if you must trust someone to make the binary executables for you, it’s better to stick to one person rather than chance it every next time with new builder who would have to secure his environment and apply necessary updates.

Of course, best thing would be to educate yourself, but it is not always possible.

Security is indeed the issue.

^I agree with @ChrisS there

I do not know what a binary executable is. I do not want to educate myself on programming, though interesting, other things are more productive for my time.

Clearly, you are not doing this for your needs by your generous offer. I assume you are here for the equitable reasons I am but it just seems that the nature of your contributions require prudent scrutiny.