[Passed] Extension of macosx builds contract

Exciting new times for NuBits are coming with version 3.0 and new currencies, so it would be profitable to shareholders to want new versions be built for macosx.

Terms are the same.

RIPEMD-160 6af11d44b3a287d6d8c6b26321f0706cc6627945

I propose to provide regular macosx builds of all major releases of NuBits and B&C Exchange projects for a period of 6 months for 400NBT. New macosx builds will be produced as soon as new official build for windows and linux becomes available, not later than 2 weeks after official release.

Builds will have the following features:

  • 64bit x86 architecture
  • upnp support
  • qt4 gui framework
  • latest security updates of openssl and miniupnpc

I will also provide technical support of said macosx builds on the official forum of nubits in appropriate thread.


NuBits grant address: BACkPaCkqmmjnnzvMkayDfcZu8US3myy1e
Vote amount: 400NBT

Update 14/11/16: this has passed, new contract will run until 20th of May 2017.