[Outdated] (limited) Warning about Poloniex

Today I sold some nubits in poloniex and withdrawed them in an amount that exceeded 2000$ but that shouldn’t have been a problem since I increased my limit by providing them more information about myself yesterday. According to the user interface I was allowed to withdraw 7000$ worth of coins. The first withdraw of 4.4 BTC was processed successfully but the second (5.2 BTC) soon showed up as ERROR in their user interface and so far I haven’t received the coins. It’s been one hour since the incident. They just lost a bunch of trust in my eyes.

Now that I cannot use bter and poloniex any more I don’t know what exchange should I use for my nubit trading. I am not willing to ever use bter again since they still owe me 7 BTC since that hack last year. and since poloniex has some serious errors in their withdraw system I cannot trust them either.

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Be patient, let us know how it goes. If you haven’t opened a support ticket, do so. Sometimes even the best make mistakes. If they get you your money in a timely manner, this isn’t a big issue in my eyes. If they started doing this regularly, like cryptsy did, that’s another story. However, I haven’t heard anything recently about their withdrawals having problems and I haven’t had any issues myself. Then again, I still use bter, so go figure.


the support ticket is now 1 hour old. no updates yet. but I don’t deny the possibility that after so many exchanges “getting hacked” I have become very paranoid about them and I start suspecting the worst at the first sight of problems. In this business, such mistakes cannot be forgiven. It’s not professional. And when an exchange is not professional they will be “hacked” sooner or later. A big warning sign for me.

Maybe the user interface and the internal calculation are not yet aligned?
From my experience withdrawing gateway proceeds I know that it normally goes quite fast, but sometimes takes a while.
Most times I don’t recognize the delay, because lately I didn’t trade on Poloniex and used it for operating the gateways. Normally I first issue the withdrawal, the start writing a status report and until I need the tx ID to link the transaction, it’s there.
If they have a soundly designed cold storage and the hot wallet is empty, they need to go (physically!) to the cold storage (because it’s completely offline) and move balances from there using a thumbdrive or anything else.
If you try to withdraw smaller amounts you might be lucky if somebody deposits funds in the emptied hot wallet.
I’ve just checked: I’m waiting for the withdrawal of NBT to be processed for 20 minutes now, but not for the first time…

Sounds like you should try NuLagoon Tube.

yesterday my nbt withdraw took more than 30min to be processed. first time in my memory. just a data point.

1 hour for me :frowning:

Any complaints in the trollbox?
I suppose it would be full of rants if this were a general issue.

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I just withdraw some BTC, it took 5 minutes!
way faster than NBT!
very strange :slight_smile:

Did some Peercoins. 3 min! :smile:

For the record, I just received the transaction. So that’s good at least.

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Another one for the record: 6,800 NBT withdrawal from gateway to FLOT address has been processed by Poloniex.
A 1 NBT withdrawal I made for testing later (when I stumbled upon this thread) is still pending.

I also had issues with withdrawal of NBT/NSR off polo since last week taking hours even a day to process from pending very annoying too open tickets for this when normally takes only a few minute
i just talk too one of the polo mods telling him im still having problems with withdrawals and a lot were having the same wd issues with NBT/NSR he said he would forward the information to support also if anyone as the same issue to open a ticket to resolve this matter faster

FYI I initiated a nsr withdrawal yesterday @ Polo, pending for 8 hours. Sent a ticket, they canceled my withdrawal. Re-initated this morning, still pending :confused:

you can ask a mod to cancel they have the power to cancel pending wd I tried some NBT today took me 2 Hours seems to take longer on NSR’s I hope they fix it soon before the buyback needs to withdrawal for burning

it worked eventually

That really sounds like low balance on hot wallets - or something else…

I just observed they activated the splitoutputs at 10k … Is that a reccomended settings for an exchange ? cc @sigmike

If they want to mint with them, while they hold them… :wink:

They will pay more fees with this setting but it’s better for their users (if they intend to mint).

I’ve got a withdrawal on Poloniex of ~400 NBT that’s been “PROCESSING” since Jan 20 (~2 days now).

Going to kick it to support and will update if I hear anything.