Welcome, one and all!

This thread will be for testing my server and general talk about where to roll out operations or what have you.


3334 (BTC) & 3335 (CNY)

Here’s how you can help me:
do this stuff, but for Bter
and this stuff, under security settings on Bter

For the client bit use for the repository and put your nubit address, api key, and api secret in the pool file in your respective directory. At the bottom of the pool file change the exchange to Bter and the server to Then run the batch file.

My stuff all of a sudden started validating, I need a bigger dataset.
I am not paying out!! You will be doing this for free! I haven’t figured that part out yet.


I’m getting lots of rejects when I do get verifications.

New (bigger) server:

Still getting lots of rejects though.

You have another tester.
It’s basically working fine so far.
But I receive a lot of rejects and missings:

2015/04/29-22:41:33 INFO: bter - balance: 0.00000000 rate: 0.00% ppm: 0.00000000 efficiency: 8.33% rejects: 4 missings: 7 - E6467B34-6545-432E-A2B5-31231056B5A2
2015/04/29-22:42:33 INFO: bter - balance: 0.00001447 rate: 0.25% ppm: 0.00001736 efficiency: 83.33% rejects: 2 missings: 0 - btc - ask: 10.0000 x 0.25% - E6467B34-6545-432E-A2B5-31231056B5A2
2015/04/29-22:43:33 INFO: bter - balance: 0.00002894 rate: 0.25% ppm: 0.00001736 efficiency: 83.33% rejects: 2 missings: 0 - btc - ask: 10.0000 x 0.25% - E6467B34-6545-432E-A2B5-31231056B5A2
2015/04/29-22:44:34 INFO: bter - balance: 0.00004340 rate: 0.25% ppm: 0.00001736 efficiency: 83.33% rejects: 2 missings: 0 - btc - ask: 10.0000 x 0.25% - E6467B34-6545-432E-A2B5-31231056B5A2
2015/04/29-22:45:35 INFO: bter - balance: 0.00005064 rate: 0.25% ppm: 0.00001736 efficiency: 33.33% rejects: 8 missings: 0 - btc - ask: 10.0000 x 0.25% - E6467B34-6545-432E-A2B5-31231056B5A2
2015/04/29-22:46:35 INFO: bter - balance: 0.00006076 rate: 0.25% ppm: 0.00001736 efficiency: 66.67% rejects: 4 missings: 0 - btc - ask: 10.0000 x 0.25% - E6467B34-6545-432E-A2B5-31231056B5A2

Ok! we got it working! New IP:

I’d like to get a sense of how people feel about my proposed grant:

Bter NBT/BTC dual side support
500 NBT target per side
%0.25/day for 30 days using dutch auction if we go over target
%7.5 maximum compensation for 1000 NBT = 75 NBT
I ask for 50 NBT operators fee this first grant, but don’t intend the % of target volume to be indicative of future grants. I ask shareholders to realize that the server costs $10/month and I’ve been playing around with several servers for the last few days and will most likely only see something like 30 NBT for myself. I’m willing to budge on this point.

Grant total: 125 NBT

Only the first reported line was below 100% (efficiency: 91.67% rejects: 0 missings: 1), all succeeding lines 100% so far!
But right after placing the order it’s often below 100%.

What you are going to propose seems reasonable compared to other grants of this type.
Do I understand your proposed grant right if I read the 1000 NBT as the nupond maximum that will be rewarded?
At least that would fit the 7.5% interest rate and the total compensation (for funds) of 75 NBT.
Is this 1000 NBT limit for a test run and do you plan to increase it later?
I think a bit more than 50 NBT should be appropriate, because of the efforts - not only for the renting the server…
You might consider changing it in future grant proposals…

Yes, all numbers will be changed in future proposals, and I am very open to trying things other than dutch auction given proper testing. the 1000NBT is for 500 buy + 500 sell and represents the total liquidity I will be compensating for. This is sure to increase in future proposals if we continue supporting nbt/btc. I have sent an email to Bter telling them about my operation plans and encouraging them to add NBT/CNY and that I would be happy to support that pair.

I mean, I’m totally down to take more money. How about 75 NBT for an even grant total of 150 NBT?

Let’s see what others think.
Ultimately it will be decided based on the vote.
But I find it fair to raise your fee from 50 NBT to 75 NBT.

yah it’s hard to know what to ask for, but @woolly_sammoth made a good point about setting precedent for competition, so I think I’ll go with the higher number.

I guess I’ll go ahead and make a draft post.

These are probably missings rather than rejects. It’s the client not putting up the order before the server does a sweep, whereas rejects are when the server tries to make an API call in the name of the client and does not succeed.

I’m still not sure yet why my past servers had so many rejects.

Here the bot is rather unstable. The efficiency alternates between 100% and 0%…

It might look a bit too much compared to this for example.

I’ve been getting 100% for many hours now. When you get 0%, do you have missings or rejects, or is it just 0’s all across the board?

The percentage is high, I agree, and that is what turned me off to asking for a big fee in the first place. However, as I have not earned shareholder trust, a big fee and a small target make a bigger promise that I will follow through with my plans. Perhaps I should ask for the money after the 30 days rather than upfront?

edit: I’m asking for 75 NBT upfront for the retainer and 75 NBT after the 30 days. This gives me good motivation to follow through on my proposal, as I am untested in shareholder eyes.

Getting 100% now most of the time.

Same here: 100% most of the time!
And the outliers might be related to my RaspberryPi - I wouldn’t dare to blame the client application or the server :wink:
At second glance it might be related to the server, because it’s “rejects” which cause the degradation.
The question is: what leads to rejects?

Rejects are when a server API call in the name of the client fails. I’m still trying to sort out why my old servers had such high rejection rates. Maybe when I figure that out I can tell you more.
If you’ve got 100% most of the time and only a rejection or two every hour or so, that is pretty good I think. How often do you get rejections and how many at once?

I got a response from Bter staff. They are excited to have Nu support again, and are talking about also adding a NBT/USD pair when they enable the USD markets.


2015/04/29-22:57:40 and
2015/04/30-23:56:06 there have been

1488 samples of which
1451 have been at 100 % and 37 below.

Thats a ratio of 97.5% perfect hits!

3 of the 37 have been due to missings,
34 have been (partly multiple) rejects.

9 times single reject
5 times double reject
1 times triple reject
3 times quadruple reject
3 times quintuple reject
1 time sextuple reject
etc. (too lazy to grep any further :wink: )

I’m happy to provide further information it if helps tracking down issues!

Super helpful, thanks. I’m still getting 100% all the time, so information about your case is particularly helpful.

Please keep in mind that I have the client running on a RaspberryPi.
This one is a RPI 1 and there are some other processes running like peerunity daemon etc. but only to keep the block chain in sync and not to mint.
Anyway there might be issues on my side!