[NuPool] Getting Started - Chapter 2: Creating API Keys on Bittrex.com

Chapter 2: Creating API Keys on Bittrex.com

Disclaimer: Neither the developer of this software, nor the liquidity operation on NuPool.net is in any way related to the official Nu core-team.

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you on your way to create Two Factor Authentication (2fa) and an API Key pair on your Bittrex.com account.

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  • existing and activated Bittrex.com account (learn how to create one here)
  • smartphone with camera to scan a QR-Code

Step 1 – Open www.bittrex.com

  • click on the link or open your browser (e. g. Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer/Safari) and navigate to www.bittrex.com

Step 2 – Login

  • please login with your E-Mail address and password

Step 3 - Navigate to Two Factor Authentication (2fa)

  • click the “Settings” button in the top right corner and then press " Two Factor Authentication"

Step 4 - Create 2fa

  • 2fa enhances security immensely and is required to generate API keys on Bittrex.com
  • please read the instruction box right of the QR code and download the Google Authenticator App on your mobile device

Step 5 - Open your Google Authenticator App on your mobile device

  • the following examples are presented on an Android KitKat device
  • open the App on your device
  • press “Begin setup”

Step 6 - Preparing the scan

  • press “Scan a barcode”

Step 7 - Actual scanning

  • your camera will pop up
  • scan the QR code on the Bittrex.com Page

Step 8 - Finishing up 2fa

  • congrats, you’ve just generate your first 2fa code

Step 9 - Entering the 2fa code

  • enter the 5-digit code that is showing on your Google Authenticator App into the “Authenticator Code” field and press “Enable”

Step 10 - E-Mail verification for 2fa

  • open your E-Mail account again there should be a mail from Bittrex.com, requesting verification of your 2fa
  • to do that, click on the link in the E-Mail

Step 11 - Navigating to API Keys

  • congrats, you’ve now finally enabled 2fa for your Bittrex.com account
  • navigate to www.bittrex.com, login again if needed (Step 2)
  • to start setting up the API Keys click “Settings” and then “API Keys”

Step 12 - Prepare API Keys

  • there should be no API Keys set up for your account
  • press “Add New Key”

Step 13 - Granting rights to the key pair

  • the last step should have generated a “new key” which will be revealed after the following steps
  • Press the switch below “READ INFO” and “TRADE LIMIT” to enable those rights for the key pair

!! Important: Please refrain from adding additional rights to the key. Only those two are needed. !!

  • take your mobile device, open the Google Authentication App and enter the generated 5-digit code into the 2fa field
  • now press “Save Changes” to reveal the public and secret key

Step 14 - Revealed API Keys

  • you’ve successfully created an API key pair on Bittrex.com
  • the upper one is your public key named “Key”
  • the second one named “Secret” has to remain private and should not be shared with others
  • we will need those two keys to add them into the client

Note: The client will never submit the “Secret” key to our servers. It will always remain on your end.

Done. You now have 2fa and API keys enabled for your Bittrex.com account.

Continue with chapter three here: [NuPool] Getting Started - Chapter 3: Client Configuration

Any questions?
Ask them here or reach out to us via mail: support@nupool.net


For those who don’t want to or cannot use a mobile device and don’t have a camera on computer, it is possible to run google authenticator on a normal computer. For example WinAuth runs several flavors of authenticator (including the google one) on a normal windows computer.

Just copy and paste the secret key/code displayed by the QR code when QR code needs to be scanned.

Make sure the authenticator password is secure.


you can use http://www.bluestacks.com/ bluestack is a 100% android jelly bean platform just like any smart phone or tablet you can use the real google authenticator from the play store or any other app