[NuPool] Getting Started - Chapter 1: Registration on Bittrex.com

Chapter 1: Registration on Bittrex.com

Disclaimer: Neither the developer of this software, nor the liquidity operation on NuPool.net is in any way related to the official Nu core-team.

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you on your way to create a Bittrex.com account.

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  • E-Mail account

Step 1 – Open www.bittrex.com

  • click on the link or open your browser (e. g. Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer/Safari) and navigate to www.bittrex.com

Step 2 – Register

  • click on the top right “Register”-button at the main page

Step 3 –Enter your data for registration

  • fill out the form and press “Sign Up”

Step 4 – E-Mail activation

  • login to your E-Mail account
  • there should be a mail from Bittrex.com, requesting verification of your E-Mail
  • to do that, click on the link in the E-Mail

Done. You now have an account on Bittrex.com.

Continue with chapter two here: [NuPool] Getting Started - Chapter 2: Creating API Keys on Bittrex.com

Any questions?
Ask them here or reach out to us via mail: support@nupool.net


Looking forward to the guidelines on how to be a lpc via nupool on bittrex