NBT needs to grow up: We need identifiable leaders

The more successful virtual currencies by market value, e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash, have identifiable leaders. These are people with real-life resumes and recognizable photos. NBT and NSR, on the other hand, seems to have an unidentifiable persona JordanLee. And now there’s another unidentifiable persona Phoenix, who wants to run liquidity operations, who won’t answer any questions about his resume, who some people think is just JordanLee by another name.

Admittedly, bitcoin was created by a pseudonymous person. But at that time he was a trailblazer who had a valid concern about the risks of being prosecuted for creating a virtual currency. He recruited real people and then retired from the scene, letting these real people take over. These real people don’t feel the need to hide their identities or be coy about answering questions about their resumes.

I don’t think NBT and NSR will achieve any significant status until some real people come forward and run the show. Serious projects need serious leadership. You can take anonymity only so far. Beyond that point you need to be able to give interviews to people who can actually see and hear you.


Some reference: [NEW] Poll: To be anonymous or not to be?

I actually gave interviews by being public.

See below:


It would be great to be able to go to https://www.nubits.com/ and see some bios and resumes. Like https://www.ethereum.org/foundation does.

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Some of the core devs are actually publicly identifiable.

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