Historical Data of NuBits price available (beta)

Similarly to what we have done with Nu Network data (read here), we now started saving historical information about the Nu Market.

Every 4 hours we get the raw data from coin market cap about nubits and store it. You can download the file from

The data can be used to plot the price of NBT ( flat line hopefully ), the historical trading volume, and much more.

Now its a raw json, and only two data points. Will improve the format over time and finally build an API around it.

Feel free to make requests

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This will be such an exciting horizontal line. :smile:

What about historical data for buy support of the peg? That would be interesting.

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cryptocoincharts.info already has charts for Nubits and Nushares for multiple exchanges

i know, also cryptocoincharts. The thing is, I want to provide raw data so people can play with it> change scale, zoom, change unit, compute metrics (volatility) etc .

^that ?

Understood. I was just saying that the bread and butter charts are already there.


"The data can be used to plot the price of NBT ( flat line hopefully ), the historical trading volume, and much more. "

—> Has anybody outlined the flatline? this would be great as a marketing tool

Its has been on my todolist every day for the last two weeks. Can’t seem to find the time, but I agree its very important.

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Reviving an oooooold topic instead of creating a new one - but here’s some information that should not rot in the past.

The reason for reviving this thread is:


I can’t imagine that the NBT price really was at $0.98 for hours and with some volume.
I rather think this is a reporting glitch.

But how to find that out?

If I claimed that NBT were at $0.98 (referring to CMC), how would you prove me wrong?
http://www.cryptocoincharts.info/pair/nbt/btc/poloniex/2-days doesn’t show anything and has no option to display the price in USD :frowning:

https://docs.nubits.com/historical-data-api/ seems to be no longer valid/working.

Rwmember that there is no right or wrong, sometimes bitcoin price reported by a system is 10% higher or lower than other services

I recognized that when it happened and almost the complete volume was from poloniex and the price was at $0.98 at that time.
It just looks strange.
As I have no idea how CMC’s algorithm to determine the price works, I remain wondering…

It was false, I was looking at that when it happened and comparing last trades to market orders. The way I would prove someone wrong who said we were at a $0.98 price is by showing to them the buy support as compared to the last actual trade. The last trade was about 1% below the buy support, making our price 1% higher than what CMC was reporting and giving us a $0.99 price (definitely acceptable by our standards). It would be cool to be able to report not just amount of buy support but also the offset of that buy support. However, I think that’s maybe a little too complicated. Suffice it to know that anyone who wanted to sell NBT during those hours could have done so at a $0.99 price.

Thats why i thought that an additional page on Nubits.com about the historical liquidity info would have a great impact on Nu’s marketing robustness.
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