Historical Data of Nu Network available via API (beta)

While we build a reliable API for third parties to access data about Nu Network, we started putting together a temporary database with historical snapshots of the network.

@woolly_sammoth created a temporary HTTP service to access historical data about the Nu Network. A python script updates the database each time a new block is found, and updates the getliquidityinfo every 30 seconds.

The first available data-points are dated 2014-10-17 12:05:58. The data format is reported as json raw data, as returned from the Nu daemon.

If interested take a look at the documentation : http://docs.nubits.com/v1.0/docs/historical-data-api

Example :
Retrieve historical liquidity info specifying the time-range: http://nu.mj2p.co.uk/nu-data?cmd=getliquidityinfo&frm=2014-10-18%2008:35:00&to=2014-10-18%2008:36:00


It’s great to see you working on providing additional info, I’ll take the opportunity and put here a link for you “coders” to consider :slight_smile:

I think that NuShareholders would benefit from having more information about what people are doing with NuBits at a certain time, it might come handy at times of uncertainty (e.g. Bitcoin crashes), to reveal any deviations from the usual buyers/sellers behaviour. This in turn may be a helpful tool when voting on parking rates.

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https://docs.nubits.com/historical-data-api/ is currently on hold?