NuRedeem [Concept]

CMC have been great for marketing NuBits with the Trade Volume metric, however its price calculation algorithm is far away from perfection.

In the last couple of weeks i was investigating the most important metrics and charts about NuBits, one of these metrics was the Volatility, but i figured that we don’t have to track volatility at all, the price of NuBits is very determined ; either $1 or nothing, so what is the most important piece of information every body needs to consider accepting or using NuBits?

Redeem-ability, how much of the NuBits that you hold or planning to purchase or accept could be exchanged at the value >= $1?

Obtaining such informations from the buy wall in NuBits trading pairs should be simple, in the future Exchanges may pay for being listed at the NuRedeem page footer!

This of course neglects all the reserve out of the buy walls, but there is no reason at all for any NuBits user to trust these numbers, neither for being accurate nor that it will be used to sustain the peg, the only Sure thing is the free market history, this history is the Share holders true responsibility.

This also will encourage the creation of Nu decentralized exchange where all the reserves can be used to raise the buy walls without worrying about its security.


It would certainly be useful to capture and display our historical liquidity info. It might be interesting to see interest rate data on the same chart, although that would be pretty boring to date.

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My understanding is rather than redeemability, it is rather about liquidity in the Nu world.
Having a real time indication of much liquidity we have at each tier, of the quantity of NBTs in circulation, and the market cap of NSRs would give certainly a precise idea of how many NBTs could be re-purchased, but there is no redeem guarantee, imho.

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