BTC-NBT 100 Days price comparison chart

I couldn’t wait for the official Charts
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Sources : CMC ,

Edit: Is it better (from marketing point of view) to use a volatility chart rather than price chart?

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If you have access to one, I would suggest we use that instead. The price vs. bitcoin chart is only highlighting the volatility of BTC…though having the two used in parallel, to draw attention to NBT’s stability may be visually stunning, too!


here … Its written in go and open source. I can provide the historical data for calculating the same for nubits.

Actually I am also willing to provide some fundings if someone wants to fork it for NBT .

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I can create one, if i can get the historical daily NuBits price data, for now BraveNewCoin is one source but it have no data older than Dec 25th, while CMC provide the whole history but only for the market cap not the USD price, is there another source i am not aware of?

Well, this mess I put together some time ago should do the trick :

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Yes i actually intended to use btcvol formula.

I wish i could do so, but i would like to create the calculation manually if you would like to handle me the data.

I will try my best :slight_smile:

I am not sure i have done this right.
The only available data form the [market history][1] is only 32 days if it was extracted from CMC every 4 hrs as @desrever said in his post.
It is know that Bitcoin volatility have declined in the last month so the comparison is not that pretty :smile:

Edit: this for the whole 100 Days, lacking the early stage of Nu

Please let me know if you think i did some thing wrong

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Very interesting, and thanks for the amazing effort! Do you think that it is possible for you to create a shared spreadsheet on google docs to play with the formulas ?

If you have a NBT address, I would also like to tip you for doing it.

@desrever Here , i hope you find it useful !

Nubits Trade Volume for the past 34 days , using nu-market-history

Nubits price daily change for the past 34 days , using nu-market-history


@Raythma, can you generate that second graph using a Y-axis of -10 to 10, instead of -100 to 100?

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Ah, that’s percentage, I missed that. I thought it was trading price, in USD.

The trading volume looks like an exponential curve, i wonder how long would it take to overcome Bitcoin and become the official currency of the internet !

Give me the equation and I’ll calculate that for you :stuck_out_tongue:
Although I think this was more like a rhetorical question, that might very well happen given the success of Nu so far and considering that it’s just a bit more than 100 days in the wild.
Compared to Bitcoin trading volume NBT has already some % of it.

And so far NBT is mainly used for hedging and moving crypto coins at/from/to exchanges.

Payment using or other services like that is not yet popular.

Paying with a NBT app on the mobile phone is not yet popular.

That might shift a lot of money, although it might not be immediately recognized depending on where you look for volume.

I know that both NBT and BTC trade volume are still on the exchanges and only for speculations not in a real businesses, still overcoming Bitcoin Trade Volume would state the supremacy of NuBits as the best currency for merchants to adopt and consumer to use.

Anyway, right now NuBits reached about 10% of Bitcoins trading volume in 100 Days, if the exponential rate continued, i predict NuBits will overcome Bitcoin trade volume by 2016 (400 Days) !

The recent spike in NuBits trading volume seems to be unconnected to any major announcement or event in relation to NuBits. We should be cautious about projecting any sort of future growth until we are sure that all this volume is a result of organic growth.


Despite the spikes, I can see a nice exponential curve since the day 24 on the graph, so I tend to think its a gradual appreciation of NuBits as better intermediate currency than Bitcoin, not some temporary glitch or spam, of course this rate could slow down any time and even decline, future projection at this early stage is just for fun.

While I basically agree with your cautious approach, I expect NBT trading volume to exceed Bitcoin’s earlier than in 2016 - yeah, sometimes I’m just crazy :wink:
Out of sheer madness: Bitcoin’s trading volume will be beaten by NBT’s before the end of August this year!