FLOT NSR Operations (buy side)



NSR @jooize


Poloniex NSR @jooize


Blind Auction NSR Auctioneer @jooize


Multisig #1



Inspect address with Cointoolkit.

Redeem script


Create transaction with ttutdxh’s Cointoolkit.

Create transaction with Backpacker’s Cointoolkit


Public keys NOT in lexicographical order.

Multisig #2


Snvrc5q82wfe2NjEjaQAyStpPKseWrsNqn (pubkeys in lexikographical order; @dysconnect part of it, although he announced his retirement; we just can’t delay this any further)

Inspect address with Cointoolkit

Redeem script


Create transaction with Backpacker’s Cointoolkit.


I’m starting a new thread for the FLOT buy side NSR operations, because the “Tier 4 Fund Management Discussion” is already quite crowded and I don’t want to clutter up “FLOT Operations Thread” either.

Here’s my NSR pubkey:

 nud validateaddress "SXfkA6DgPm6jZZ2RDWAenkUvc1mvVCX42B"
    "isvalid" : true,
    "address" : "SXfkA6DgPm6jZZ2RDWAenkUvc1mvVCX42B",
    "ismine" : true,
    "isscript" : false,
    "pubkey" : "03d05d8fb69fcd289548140dde8e906f6fc217b02477f81842f2483d9ea1c92425",
    "iscompressed" : true,
    "account" : "FLOT-11-24"



@Dhume, @ttutdxh, @cryptog, @mhps, @masterOfDisaster

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To form the group properly without @dhume and @crypto_coiner the NSR group needs to share 3 members with the NBT group. I can volunteer, but somebody else in @jooize, @ttutdxh and @woodstockmerkle may need to step up.


Am i part of nbt or nsr group?

I will add @crypto_coiner and @Dhume flot membership motions shortly, to my feeds.


I can do it at least until more motions pass.

Removed: Use 0234139729dd413c84a71a0bfd6f236790be861b37311cef3240277c940e4b0c07.

Do you use account name/label for anything in git-multisig? Would it make sense for us to establish a convention, like “FLOT NSR multisig 2015-11-24” and “FLOT NBT […]”? Dates vary across timezones of course.

I am also available if needed 02113443efda4a9fe9bd38ca1f932aaee2c3cb6ee637f22eaa25af370a1cde6952

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Could someone make a FLOT category?

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I am available for the nsr group since the nbt group seems to be full.

Why is that? I don’t see why these two groups must not share all or no members except for work load which is a personal choice. These two groups work at different sides and work in turns perhaps.

If I am not in nbt group (has it been decided?) I can help with the nsr one 039854d0e2abf6e4971e1350137b876da6a05132737c11ca3e37aaed2a0eb66808 . I will for now join one group only because busy season has started. Will follow all discussions.

Because there’d be only 7 people, impossible not to overlap without 10 members. Even with 9 members 1 person needs to be in both groups. NBT likely would be decided so you’ll be in the NSR group. Easier to load-balance and sometimes spread risks with small overlap.

Thanks for clarification. I thought more people might apply and get approved.

So the provisional NSR group shall be @masterofdisaster, @ttutdxh, @jooize, @mhps and @cryptog, until there are more members in FLOT. @cryptog please post a public key.


I ll do shortly.

Baring I’ll get voted in (currently at 40%+) I tried to make a public key with @ttutdxh cointoolkit. I got an address, public key and private key but I could not specify for which currency? Is it generic for every currency or?

Pub key: 02e2fcdfe246e9cd4864d9119b8af465487385eccd0ea30a8cb21d44d36818189f

The private key and public key are currency independent. The addresses shown are at all times in the mode you have selected (by default NuBits) at the top right of the page.

You can go to verify and paste your private key there, verify and change mode to experiment.

Ah right I just saw the Change mode in the upper right.

Working like a charm, the only think I don’t understand is when verifying my private key it gives me another private key at the bottom?

That is the same key in hex format. Your WIF key is network-dependent. You can not load a NBT WIF private key on BTC, but you can using the one in hex format.

Just added a fix to make it clearer

Ah okay that makes sense!

Sorry for the delay.

Using validateaddress in QT gives:

“isvalid” : true,
“address” : “SZyTsyni7S9dePye78oABvVJ99b2ACdoCB”,
“ismine” : true,
“isscript” : false,
“pubkey” : “03686ee42f635c71c08f326e66139b6cb37167402cc0562584655aac03fe740495”,
“iscompressed” : true,
“account” : “”

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