FLOT category [Conclusion: Use “Liquidity”]

I think we could have use for that later to separate discussions. Feels like it should be better than using “[FLOT]” as topic prefix for everything related.


Wouldn’t this be part of liquidity operations. Maybe rename the Liquidity pools category to Liquidity or peg operations and cover both areas which are closely related anyway. That way the category can cover all tier 1-6 operation discussions.
I wouldn’t be keen on fragmenting the forum even further.


Perhaps, I haven’t had time to think through what I believe would be best. It’s possible to change category, so we could move them later (but ideally not of course).

I’d like to hear arguments both ways.

I’d like to have a separate overview of FLOT related topics andI think @Cybnate’s approach makes a lot of sense.
Liquidity pools are just one tiny piece in the liquidity operations of Nu.
So a top category “Liquidity” with several sub categories like pools, FLOT, T1, etc. would help to organize the topics.


I’d usually be concerned about that, but Discourse seems to handle it very well.

I’m beginning to think a whole liquidity section is a good idea. There are a couple of threads about liquidity that seem to end up between the NuBits and NuShares categories. Seems they would suit better under Liquidity.

  1. Rename Liquidity Pools to Pools.
  2. Create Liquidity.
  3. Put Pools under Liquidity.
  4. Create Liquidity → FLOT

I’m not sure about categories for every tier, because our tiers are not certain to always have the same function as I’ve understood. People may talk about several tiers at once. That seems like it could cause what I imagine @Cybnate was going at.

I would not support modifying categories in such a way. Categories should be for top level ideas that aren’t as amorphous like the liquidity tiers, or one off concepts like FLOT.

Though tags would be a perfect compromise I think. Discourse has an official tagging plugin. This would also be suitable for finding threads which are ready for “voting”, “passed”, or other often changing organizational labels. Tagging can also be allowed by multiple users based on trust level, so that community members can help to manage them. Similar to how I set up the voting hot page.

What would you say about category Liquidity, and perhaps Pools as subcategory, only? Or are you saying liquidity and FLOT discussions belong under NuBits and NuShares categories? (compared to under Liquidity)

I like the tag suggestion. There’s a risk of overtagging, but with only certain users or groups it should work. Discourse developers think a lot about this, from what I read on Discourse Meta.

I’ve made the changes to the liquidity category.

They use tags on their meta forum so i’m guessing they like them. I’ll talk with @Ben about getting them added.

Nice, why is pools lowercase though?

Because I am not a smart man. Fixed.


In a better reality there would be tags and one-click tag filtering. Categories are from the old world.

Also, wouldn’t it make more sense to rename Liquidity to Pools so all posts that were in Liquidity Pools before are still under Pools? Then create Liquidity and move Pools under it.


Topics moved

NuBits → Liquidity

The Plaza → Liquidity?

Less sure about these last two, so didn’t move them.

Any objections?

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Nope, but thank you for cleaning up!