[Passed] Second deposit to FLOT NSR address

100.000.000 NSR are requested for FLOT, to be used for supporting the buyside.
Shareholders please vote for the following grant to FLOT NSR address SvtGbNjWE49pTM2TiUZrYKSNkxTJx75mmC:

Snvrc5q82wfe2NjEjaQAyStpPKseWrsNqn 100000000

Thank you.


Can the progress of this grant be viewed at http://blockexplorer.nu/?

EDIT: Of course, here. It just hadn’t shown up yet. http://blockexplorer.nu/votes

Of course.
If blockexplorer.nu fails, there’s http://nuexplorer.ddns.net/ as well

why are these two addresses different?

Because I changed the order of the pubkeys to make a new NSR address without requiring a new set of pub/privkeys.
I wanted to give the control over the NSR to FLOT, but Jordan has successfully spread enough fud, that FLOT won’t be work much longer and he can play the saviour of Nu.
My prediction: you’ll face NSR grants, which Jordan manages. I hope you get proper accounting.

Would you mind hashing it?

Supporting this myself for what it is worth. We need those NSR to be available for sale urgently given the FLOT/signing issue situation.


This appears to be taken from the NBT multisig but it could have worked with a permuted version of the last NSR multisig. Anyway I’ll still sign at least a migration transaction for the “old” NSR multisig and perhaps some first urgent transactions as well, don’t worry.

I am fine with the proposal.

Should we go ahead and put that into the client without any hash?
It s possible that we do not get any answer from @masterOfDisaster for a few days from now.

Not sure either, don’t like the further dilution either. But the current 25m will run out quickly with current NSR price and we likely need to continue selling for a while to recover the peg.
I still have hope that MoD returns. Will keep voting for it and reassess in a few days.

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Even if the peg is fine, having 100m NSR in FLOT reserves is not a bad thing.

I will be voting for this.

@FLOT Please confirm that enough of you can sign this NSR grant address and transfer the fund.

Snvrc5q82wfe2NjEjaQAyStpPKseWrsNqn 100000000

If no, create another NSR address and ask for grant now.

If yes, all datafeed providers and NuShareholders vote on this now!


From the new tx page of this address this address has @Dhume @ttutdxh @cryptog @mhps @masterOfDisaster as its 3/5 signing group. I can confirm that I can sign it if it is approved.


What is the next course of actions? Sell more nsr but it is going to destroy its price!

What is the current state of NSRs sales at Polo?

I’m surprised that this proposal is not getting the votes. This is the only way to raise funds, either from ‘angel’ investors or to existing NuShareholders wanting to submit a confidence vote.
@Jooize is trying to prepare for an auction, let’s support this.

Cybnate, did you read my reply yesterday? You suspended your data feed, which many shareholders may have been relying on. I was one of them. Shareholders who don’t realize you switched it off are voting against it unknowingly.

Yes, I did and need some time to think about this as recent events have significantly disturbed me. A datafeed comes with a responsibility. I assume that people are now aware of the crises and are reading the forum. They can subscribe to @cryptog’s datafeed. Give me another day or so.


Good point. I am going to vote for it. I just wanted to get to know about the current flot nsr address held quantity and the state of current sales.