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I honestly have no personal problems like you seem to have against @jooize or even @Phoenix really but I do agree we need vital fundamental changes in how the network is operated. We need Nu’s core values restored & even further reinforced for a more transparent and fruitful future for shareholders. All we can do is try right? If the motions fails and we’re ineffective I’m fine with that I just hope there’s no network shares used in that process. I honestly do think @jooize has the best interest of shareholders and the network at heart and is much more willing to be an active participant of change than you may believe @MaVo . Not everything is a conspiracy theory lol…


Feel free to let it keep going as it is then. Ever asked yourself why I have problems with @Phoenix and @jooize? It is because they are ignorant and provocative. When someone asks for accounting and transparency, they tell you that Nu is the most transparent business in the whole world, leaving you with all the questions that are on the table. They are making fun of people and I can’t accept that. And be sure they are both cashing in, oh yes they are. @Phoenix “lost” funds three times within two months or so. Multisig after first theft? No. Multisig after second theft? No. Multisig after third theft? No. Who committed the theft? @phoenix? He says no. Can he prove it? No. Can we prove anything? No. Does this game make fun for all shareholders? No.
@sigmike stepped forward and provided transparency. @woolly_sammoth did the same. The problem is that most of the 45 USD having been spent within two months time still could not be explained. As far as I am aware of, @cybnate’s income - if any - should be negligible, too. @Proteus, who is left on that list of contractors that provided services at the amount of $45,000 to shareholders and what were those services? The repo is close to dead except for the stuff that @sigmike and @woolly_sammoth did, but we have crossed them of the list already. Aren’t you getting it? Where did those $45,000 go? There is no code that has been written or anything else. But you guys here don’t care, and I do care even though mostly for moral reasons. I have personal problems with scammers who can hide in the dark and scam people who are at an information disadvantage.


There is a cost to liquidity provision. A fair cost would be to look at what the Pool providers charged in the past. Won’t explain the 45k entirely, but it is another piece of the puzzle.


Oh trust me I am also concerned and curious about the large spending… As well as very large grant. Personally, I’ve been working on the website as well as creating community packages w/ tutorials freely available on my github and haven’t ever been paid. However, I also haven’t demanded or even strongly asked for pay (and definitely have been offered a small hourly wage for my website work by @jooize , which I appreciate). The only reason I haven’t asked for or required pay is because I was concerned about the nubits network health post the @Phoenix VPS NSR fuck up/loss tragedy and I will admit seeing the large contractor payments does make me feel a bit dumb for that. Either the network is doing reeeaaallly good and can afford paying the big bucks for some bad ass next generation break-through/upgrade that is actively being developed given such increased funding or someone is being a bit fiscally irresponsible and doing so with no oversight under their own authority. Which sucks for everyone else who wants to see Nu kick some serious market share ass :’(


Shareholders granted Phoenix authority over Nu economics three months after he had recovered Nu from the peg abandonment a year ago.

Opinions of how things are supposed to be have no weight over the joint voice of shareholders. The community is a discussion group. There’s no way around that if Nu is to make structural sense. Nu functions however shareholders decide it should. Grants are simply a tool for shareholders to move funds to custodians, trusted agents.

Several in the community think Nu needs more transparency. Imagine that you gain the level of transparency you call for. What would actually change? You may believe that the network is disadvantaged by the confidentiality around contractors’ pay, or that dividends are preferable to buybacks.

Convince shareholders of a change by proper process or acquire enough shares to decide yourself. That is the extent of power you should have according to the most fundamental rules of the network.


You have been elected as Vice Chief of Scam Operations by a person that lost every single penny of the development fund of B&C shareholders. You have been elected as Vice Chief of Scam Operations by a person that believes that saying sorry is enough to emotionally reimburse all fucked B&C shareholders who saw the value of their investment drop to literally zero. You have been elected as Vice Chief of Scam Operations by a person that played the whole ecosystem so hard that you can’t even compete with Pinkcoin as of today in terms of market cap. However, you have been elected as Vice Chief of Scam Operations and you are cashing in NSR bonuses and dollars on a frequent basis and economic theory tells us that your behavior might be immoral but still comprehensible.



Transparency is not so much about showing who earns how much in detail. It is what is being spent and what value is delivered for that amount. Usually that comes in the form of contracts with either KPIs or SMART objectives for those being paid. With that in place the shareholders can assess whether the pay can be increased or sustained or that another approach is required after a certain period in time.
Maybe the ~45,000 amount can be broken down on what it is spend on? e.g. Liquidity provisioning at a rate of $50/h fixed amount or coding for charts at either a fixed amount or hourly rate. With that shareholders can assess whether that is value for money or that we need to invest in innovation to reduce the labour costs or maybe increase to strengthen it further.

Secrecy on earnings and rates and lack of accountability for defined deliverables stifles competitiveness and innovation and with that inhibits further growth.


Actually @jooize as defined by the verbiage of that motion the scope & authority to operate as described within the motion terminated when @Phoenix resigned. The motion clearly states it’s authority ends (not transfers) upon his resignation.

See - “This motion establishes @Phoenix as Chief of Liquidity Operations
until such time as a shareholder motion is passed changing that or until
@Phoenix resigns.”

The verbiage there is actually the only part clearly defined in the motion lol… Not to mention the fact that the motion didn’t at all give @Phoenix the authority to select his own replacement much less hand over the entire network liquidity without any shareholder approval or oversight…

I guess we’re lucky that as you just described in previous posts you’re devoted to the voice of shareholders! Obviously at this point you should definitely stop allocating any network funds whatsoever for anything other than critical liquidity operations (NuBot Operation/Peg Enforcement) until we get motions passed approving your role and redefining self-compensation & requirements for fund allocation or contractor pay.

Again I will clearly state: Everything in this motion from the approval of $90 per hour pay to authority scopes and expected practices are completely 100% void and have been since @Phoenix resigned.

Discussion regarding my ideas (& draft motion) for handling NuNetwork funds & increasing oversight/transparency

@jooize why did you choose to list NSR at Yobit.net for 0.5 BTC?

“To add a new coin to Yobit please you need to fill out the form below.
Payment method: YobiCode
Listing type:
• Free - 0.00 btc - no guarantee
• Premium - 0.1 btc - 4-7 business days (no guarantee in case of compilation issues)
• Exclusive - 0.5 btc - 2-3 business days (no guarantee in case of compilation issues)
Please register and create Yobicode here.”

In the end, you didn’t say a single word that NSR has not been listed. You did not even ask shareholders for support in order to push Yobit for a listing. Like you did for Poloniex and avoid delisting. What is the reason? Could you please explain why you chose the most expensive option and why you didn’t say a single word as of today that NSR still is not listed at Yobit? Can you prove that Yobit cashed in the 0.5 BTC and if yes, could you please explain why you didn’t ask shareholders for support?

Edit: For reference - 2017-04-26 0.50000000 BTC f0a5a5f55e271399e80a205039ad7ab9f5dbbd2641ccdd3af1a2150ecad49f18 List NSR at YoBit


When did Phoenix resign?

[Voting] Motion to officially terminate Phoenix as Chief of Liquidity Operations

@jooize that question was quite obvious. You are right, he didn’t say he was going to resign, he said he was going to step aside. Keep your comedy show going. This is such a shitty project…


I thought it was in Nu’s best interest to quickly establish a solid relationship with YoBit for a future with listings for all our assets. It was my judgement that it would increase the chances of them spending the effort to understand our situation rather than take one look at the scam accusations the community produced and ignore us. That was wasteful in hindsight, and perhaps counterproductive.

I’m not sure that I can prove that I spent the funds on a YobiCode.

Shareholders trusted us to make the decision. Not publicly announcing our failure to get listed there is now for them to take into consideration for their continued support of Liquidity Operations as it operates today. I didn’t see value in doing so.


You consider that statement of letting his team work by its own accord a resignation?


Why wouldn’t you ask shareholders to submit requests to Yobit’s support team? I mean, you spent 0.5 BTC shareholder funds, why not ask shareholders for producing some legit pressure?

Btw @jooize, Yobit.net is THE scam exchange in crypto right now. It is just insane to see you arguing that Yobit does not list NSR because of people like me accusing Nu of being run by scammers. You funny clown. Did you check out Yobit’s history sufficiently before you decided to go for the most expensive option to list NSR?


Yes, if he didn’t resign from his position, then Nu would be the most ridiculous business in the world, not the most transparent. Believe me, I have been doing a lot of business and failures entail consequences. In no business in the world - except for the one that @Phoenix might have almost 100% control over - would he still play any role. He would have long been fired and sued. 100%


?? @jooize?


I will not waste my value on answering your every question.


You don’t waste your value. You wasted shareholder value. You wasted 0.5 BTC and didn’t even mention it afterwards or asked shareholders to contact Yobit. You spent 0.5 BTC on an exclusive listing while shareholders could have had the same thing for 0.1 BTC if they were willing to wait two days longer. Ok, no problem. But now shareholders got nothing and you don’t even say a single word? Where is that money? You don’t only have rights, you have duties as well. And I am a shareholder even though I didn’t even want to become one again after I sold my Nushares a long time ago. You forced me to become a shareholder again when you turned the whole development fund of B&CExchange into Nushares and then “lost” it. Now go ahead and do your job, which actually comprises answering questions of shareholders, even more so in the kind of business you are running (not sure if other shareholders besides you and @Phoenix /@JordanLee do actually exist).


@jooize? If you find the time, there are still some legit questions. Thanks!