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How much are you getting paid?

@cybnate, are you interested in knowing how much @jooize is getting paid for his frontrunner job?

There is not a single person double checking what @jooize is doing. Trust has made this project go places in the past, and it will do so in the future :wink:

How much are you piece of shit earning per month @jooize and who is paying for that?

Btw, @cybnate, is it really true that I am the first person to ask @jooize how much he is earning for conducting frontrunner operations? Jesus Christ… This is a great “organization”. Nobody questions what’s going on. Let’s simply trust @jooize, he’ll do great!

Did you ask JL or Phoenix how much they earned? They never answered and now you expect to get full transparency?
It would be nice, but not likely to happen. He is not hired by the shareholders apparently but by Phoenix who acts on a majority of shareholdings. You should ask Phoenix I believe, but maybe, just maybe Jooize is kind enough to provide that if you can just ask in a normal way.

@cybnate, please stop. You must be completely nuts. What the heck are you defending here? Where does the money come from that @jooize is earning and how much does he earn? What is wrong with you? Those are legit questions.

I invested $20,000 dollars into B&C. The whole dev fund is gone. May I please ask how much the scammers are earning per month? It might help me to understand their fucking stupid ignorant behavior (including yours).

Not more than you still being here.[quote=“MaVo, post:7, topic:5280”]
What the heck are you defending here?
Not defending anything. The issue with having an imbalance in income and earning has always been a major issue in Nu. Nothing changes since 2 years ago. Not saying it is great, but we knew this from the beginning.

@cybnate, people have a right to know how much @jooize is draining from Nu per month, B&C shareholders included. And if nobody is allowed to know except for @jooize and @Phoenix, then everybody should finally understand that this whole project is a large pile of shit. —> decentralization…

Let’s see if they agree.

Jordan, you can’t fool everybody :wink: btw, want to buy my BKS? I’ll give them to you for $0.80 if you like.

I d support a motion that fully discloses how much each paid contributor gets paid.
Nu needs to stop secrecy here.

I’m not going to begin disclosing information previously gathered under confidence of confidentiality regardless of motion. Shareholders are free to fire me. I will never provide such data. You can bring a motion requiring more detail going forward and see if contractors agree to those terms. It might cause some to take more care in staying anonymous.

Since February I have been listing payments publicly.

Roughly 45,000 dollars for April and May alone mostly for contractors. Wow. 45,000 dollars and the dev fund of B&C shareholders is zero because of a “mistake”. Fuck you you piece of shit.
And the worst thing is that you piece of shit keep cashing in as well.

Have fun making Nu big! Nobody will ever put trust in this scam project. And you aren’t really interested in that since you are making your cash anyway.

So are shareholders not even allowed to know what those dollars have been spent on? Like what it is that they actually paid for?

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@sigmike are you among those contractors who deny any information about their payments to be disclosed to shareholders? Almost 45,000 dollars have been spent for contractors within two months time. Did you cash in the lion share of that money?

I see. That s better than nothing. For the next contractors, I d like to see the exact numbers for each individual.

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@MaVo, what is the point of sticking around here? I have sold all my NSR and BKS and have moved on, but you’re still here allowing this project and the people in it to cause you stress. It’s over and there’s nothing we can do to get our money back. Why don’t we all just move on? I have settled back into the Peercoin community. You’re welcome to join me. There’s lots of great things going on at the moment. But staying here arguing with these guys over and over again about the same thing is going to drive you insane. In my opinion, it would be best to accept what happened and move on.


I am among the contractors listed in this file for about 1k USD.