[Voting] Motion to officially terminate Phoenix as Chief of Liquidity Operations

7/19/17 - UPDATED WITH NEW HASH (Corrections sigmike pointed out. I plan to make a tutorial on creation motions since I’ve learned it all the hard way and can pass those teachings on to others that may be interested in suggesting changes)


According to @jooize in post here @Phoenix is still acting Chief of Liquidity & appointed all authorities described in this motion. So I figured this is a simple & very basic first step in terms of motions. I did not post as a draft first because it’s extremely straight-forward and you’re either in support of him continuing as chief or you’re not. All other details can be debated in future motions.

Motion Hash: 9b6f309dc9e437129c6ad13ce98357cf3a5dd967

Motion Url: On My Github

Motion Copied Below -----


This motion would officially terminate @Phoenix as Chief of Liquidity Operations.

This motion does not elect anyone to replace @Phoenix.

Enforcement of this motion includes @Phoenix surrendering any remaining NuNetwork assets still in his possession or control including but not limited to digital currencies, account logins, information related to services rendered for Nu and/or any other information considered pertinent to NuNetwork liquidity operations. All assets are to be surrendered to @jooize or another existing trusted NuNetwork custodian.

Liquidity operations continue in its current state without a Chief of Liquidity Operations until a new Chief is elected via motion or until shareholders establish a new authority hierarchy via motion.


Via Graphical “Nu” QT Wallet -

  • Within your GUI Nu desktop wallet select Unit -> NuShares to switch to the NSR window.

  • Navigate to the menu option labeled “Vote” located at the top right of the NuBits/NuShares Wallet

  • Select the menu option labeled “Motion Vote…” located in the bottom of the wallet and then select/click the “+” tab to initiate creating a new row to enter your desired motion hash into

  • After creating a new row (blank white box) double click the newly created blank box in order to enable text/data entry

  • Then copy this motions hash “9b6f309dc9e437129c6ad13ce98357cf3a5dd967” into the empty text box and press “Enter” and then click/select “OK” to close this sub-window.

Vote Via my Datafeed -

Use my datafeed link ‘https://github.com/proteanx/nunetwork/raw/master/feed/proteusnufeed.json’ to automatically update your votes with me! More tutorial found - https://github.com/proteanx/nunetwork

Using my datafeed via nud in terminal -

$ nud getdatafeed ‘https://github.com/proteanx/nunetwork/raw/master/feed/proteusnufeed.json

Even though Phoenix performance is certainly not up to standards I hesitate a bit to support full termination until a better solution has been found. Do you believe that the current liquidity policy defined can be continued by the current Liquidity team until new leadership has been put in place? Jooize is getting up to speed, but is still pretty new in this job.
Some say someone at the helm can be better than no one, although I’m sure not everyone agrees in this context. I rather discuss proposals for a new hierarchy first before supporting this, but I’m open to discuss this.

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Could you imagine the effect it would have on any kind of large entity if they were not capable of terminating someone without having an approved replacement prior? Corporations fire CEO’s all the time and then take months to find a replacement. Countries make impeachments and leaders resign both without first having new elections. The Vice CoL is already operating as CoL so this literally cripples no aspect of functions. If something as basic as this can’t get approved I’m not sure what could lol

You are mostly right, but there are some differences with countries and large companies. That’s why I asked whether you believe that the current structures and resources in place are stable enough to continue the business as usual without major risk to the peg or normal operations. I’m just not yet convinced about that.
The vice CoL is probably not going to comment as that may jeopardise his position, but I’m not convinced he can sustain that position on his own yet given his background and experience to date. But maybe I give too much credits to Phoenix?

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It’s great to see your energy and motivation to get Nu moving into a better direction. Combined with a number of people in the community who are also eager to see change, I’m sure it can have a big impact.

However, I wonder if it’s worth getting a clear vision together that has fairly broad acceptance in the community before charging ahead with proposals of large change without a clear way forward?

Change is very much needed, as is enthusiasm for it, but I think it’s be great to develop a vision and strategy as a broader context that these actions fit into so people can get behind it to the necessary degree to make changes happen.


You cannot include the hash in the motion itself, because doing so changes the hash of the motion. The hash is an external data you can provide beside the motion for convenience, but viewers should be able to generate it themselves from the raw motion.

And also please add a link to the gist on the github website (not only the raw link) so that people can see the history.

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Thanks @sigmike … I think I fixed this. Will make a tutorial for others in the near future.