Deposit/Withdrawal Fee Adjustment---BTER.COM

Deposit /withdrawal fee structure on bter for cryptocurrencies was quite complicated due to historical reason, different fee structure for different currencies.

To make it simple, bter has adjusted its fee structure. For any cryptocurrency, there is a bonus of 1% for deposit, and a fee of 1% for withdrawal (plus the fee for transfer currencies via networks when withdrawing, which is different for different crypto-currencies)

Bad news. It’s a lot of withdrawal fee. Any unusual measure to keep funds on an exchange can be seen as a sign of insolvency.


It reminds me of cryptsy!
I am out of there ASAP

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So this is just a 1% tax on anyone who had deposits before this was set in place right? Way to screw their loyal customers.


BTC withdrawal has no tax, yet.

So…what’s the consensus BTER users? It does remind me of Cryptsy tooooo much.

Probably a good reason to pull ALP support immediately.

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I think thats an exaggeration. They give you 1% on deposit and take 1% on withdrawal. Yes, it’s weird and i dont like it. Does it mean they’re going to collapse tomorrow? I doubt it.

If you dont want shareholders to spend funds on bter anymore, i refer you to the term 8 nupond grant im going to put up for voting soon. How much support should we pull? 100% to save on operator fees? Puts nupond in an awkward position cause id have to demolish the server, but that’s not the worst thing in the world.

Man, this really sucks for withdrawing NBT and depositing BTC. Just a straight 1% loss, on top of the exorbitant 10 cents they charge for network fees. Obscene.

I tend to agree. More caution is needed but LPs are supposed to take responsibility of exchange risk (and get rewarded) themselves. Nu pool takes the risk of on-exchange reward fund. That is acceptable for now I think.

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well they have now Fee: 1% + 0.0006 BTC Withdrawal


Great…so i took a straight 2% loss for withdrawing nbt and depositing btc yesterday before the 1% bonus. Assholes…

I pulled 1/2 of my LP last night - I converted some to BTC, but just took the 1% hit on most…

bter 1 btc buys 99999.999 NSR at 0.000001000 -Fee of (0.2%) - 1% fees withdrawal -2 NSR = 98799.99901198 total lost -1199.99998802 vs other exchanges with only losses of -201.999998 NSR that means bter makes 1BTC worth of NSR for each 83.333 BTC traded for NSR

Now you get 1% extra when you deposit BTC though. So you’re right for this week, but if we kept using Bter it wouldn’t happen in future weeks.

However, this clearly shows Bter is happy to screw over its loyal customers (by rewarding new deposits and not old). We shouldn’t do buybacks there anymore and I’d be happy to wind down NuPond operations there.

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ya your right the +1% deposit Btc lower loses per btc but still little weird they would add these fees

Would you mind sending this to Bter and telling them this will cost them thousands $ of trade perday? @wengone could use his connection to tell bter about our unsatisfaction and counter action, too.

I already sent them a nasty email threatening to pull nsr buyback and nupond support. No response thusfar.

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It will be interesting to find out whether Nu can make deals with exchanges that rather e.g. reduce fees (or support in other ways) than lose trades supported by Nu.