[withdrawn] Purchasing 415,000 NSR for 500NBT

415,000 NSR remain unsold from Nu Blind Auction NSR #1.
Ref: Nu Blind Auction NSR #1 (closed)

@crypto_coiner shall purchase immediately this remaining rest of 415,000 NSR, for a total 500NBT.
Upon passage of this motion, within 48hours, he will transfer the 500NBT to @jooize and @jooize will subsequentely transfer @crypto_coiner back the NSR, through mutually agreed upon unique adresses.

This is now put to blockchain vote.
Please vote for this motion.

Link to motion raw: https://daology.org/proposals/3349492b1d81ab0fd654906aa383071fe0e64c55/raw


If the draft obtains enough likes or/and does not get radical requests for contents change, I will hash it and submit for blockchain vote as soon as possible.

I am fine with the proposal.

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Supporting it. Alternative is to add it to the next auction.

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Will add it to my feeds.

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PS: Just realized I should probably put some time limits to the motion, ie limits before which it has to pass to be valid and executed. Because It does not make any sense to make it pass half a year later right? but that is implicit, I guess.
BTW, do shareholders have the right to withdraw a motion being voted upon ? yes, but is that a good thing like withdrawing an action and statement one has been committed to respect?

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Getting about 6% of support currently.

Because primarily NSR auction#2 was completed, my motion has no effect anymore –

Therefore, I withdraw it from voting – thanks for your support so far.