[Discontinued] Cybnate's Nu datafeed - BETA

8-May-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding motion:
Motion Dual side Nubot gateway in Poloniex term 3 (zoro)

Deleting custodial grants:
BDroid6QBUXXt7QFD51BixZzmEgwmTBMNX , 16000 (passed)
BLiquidBuES84tcMsSC2Z6Cebus6Kf7B5x , 631 (passed)
B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt , 90 (passed)

Deleting motions:
3867806079bb45338c233ebd3dd364f40df69334 (passed)
392b89104ac63202baa11df9b4844db5f91532ed (passed)

Park rates and Fees:

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17-May-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grants:
BPyBotXoVMiAFWLwcxRpSntP9oe2NGYPtE, 129
Dual-side passive PyBot for 90 days (Cybnate)

B5HupPg3ELbuaz4cuuGNoxREuVKJPZTToa, 4760.0
NuLagoon monthly fee request 15-Apr-12May (Henry)


21-May-2016 Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grants:
BRsLYtJhPhz7QdkKK54HkoizUrNk64wFwf, 1280
Nupool term 9 (wooly-sammoth)

NuSafe payment first operating period (dhume)

B9Uid7z3hKczGAKT2QxjYQ1yetVK4gz9Mi, 249
Backpay for NuBot gateway term 2 (zoro)

BF46YvCKsppCC8eDD55FKeaWQa6nbK7BUx, 806
NuPond Term 11 (nagalim)

Deleting motions:
9d3538c6e95e0cfeae7afeeb5e82874a25040276 (passed)

f1a5bee323f6f3100e962ad41a0e9f9678930500 (passed)

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25-May-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding motion:
[Voting] 0.6% Maximum Spread for ALP/MLP, 1.2% for Nu Funded Liquidity Operations (cybnate)

Adding custodial grant:
BPACKiS7Q5wdishcEzabgXV8dRJJV1uXgt , 600
Proposal to run nuexplorer instance (backpacker)

Changing park rates:
22d - 3.5% (changed from 3%)
1.5m - 7% (changed from 6%)
3m - 14% (changed from 12%)

Rationale park rates increase:
The standard is still increasing into the negative. We are not able to attract enough money to get parked looking at the new graph Backpacker is now providing to us. I believe some shares should be sold soon.


29-May-16 Updating the datafeed:

Deleting grants:
BF46YvCKsppCC8eDD55FKeaWQa6nbK7BUx , 806 (passed)
BRsLYtJhPhz7QdkKK54HkoizUrNk64wFwf, 1280 (passed)
BTBeS9ezRDm7hWABXLM6WpTSVeH8Ec2FBd , 900 (passed)
B9Uid7z3hKczGAKT2QxjYQ1yetVK4gz9Mi , 249 (passed)
B5HupPg3ELbuaz4cuuGNoxREuVKJPZTToa, 4760.0 (passed)
BPyBotXoVMiAFWLwcxRpSntP9oe2NGYPtE, 129.0 (passed)

Changing park rates:
22d - 7% (changed from 3.5%)
1.5m - 12.5% (changed from 7%)
3m - 25% (changed from 14%)
6m - 7% (changed from 0%)

Rationale park rates increase:
The standard is still increasing further into the negative and NSR reserves should be sold. Therefore increasing the attractiveness of parking further. Added also a 6 month low rate to attract long term investors.


2-Jun-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding motions:
CCEDK Contract (ronny)

Changing Spread for Passive Dual-Side Pybot for Poloniex and Bittrex (cybnate)

Park rates and Fees:


4-June-16 Updating the datafeeds

Changing park rates:
22d - 8% (changed from 7%)
1.5m - 16% (changed from 12.5%)
3m - 32% (changed from 25%)
6m - 16% (changed from 7%)

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This datafeed is temporarily suspended due to the Nu crises.
The feed stays available as is, but it won’t be updated till further notice.

I believe NuShareholders will need to make their own choices now and I believe a datafeed won’t help with that.

Please check this thread: Nu Voting Hot List – Jan, 17 2018
Make sure you start with Motion 9


@Cybnate, do you realize many shareholders may be relying on your data feed without realizing what’s going on here? If a lot of people are subscribed to your feed, it could possibly hamstring the network so nothing gets passed. I’m subscribed and I didn’t realize until now that you put it on hold. Now I’ll have to set my own votes, but what about all the people who don’t realize what you did here? The effect depends on how many people are subscribed to you. For example, it may be enough for the NSR grant not to be passed or something else.

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I am updating my feeds more than ever.

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I agree with this. My small stake is dependent on these data feeds, and I don’t have time to follow the unfolding events here thoroughly enough to vote on individual motions, and neither will many other shareholders.

I can change to another, but for those unaware of what’s going on it would be great if all popular feeds were kept up to make sure any important motions are passed without delay.

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13-June-16 Re-activated the datafeed. Here are the latest updates:

Deleted motions:
6d76ce3ff163a3bd8cd8f43b7126a7670ec9d28a (withdrawn)

Deleted custodial grant:
BPACKiS7Q5wdishcEzabgXV8dRJJV1uXgt, 600 (passed)

Adding grant:
Snvrc5q82wfe2NjEjaQAyStpPKseWrsNqn, 100000000
Second deposit to FLOT NSR address (MoD)

Given the situation, I give my views here which will guide my datafeed from here on:

My view going forward is focus on auctions to remove NBT from the market and re-establish the peg. Other ways to remove NBT from the market are also welcomed. Idea is to build reserve and burn NBT as much as we can. Still on the fence whether that should be a $1 peg or e.g. $0.50. Once chosen it will be next to impossible imo to get back to $1 unless we are able to execute some very profitable business. I haven’t seen that proposal yet and I don’t want to get back into the same situation where we just slowly lose money on NBT/BTC pair and are exposed to exchange risks.
Sharing revenue with B&C is the most realistic option I can see, but I’m open to interim solutions which run break-even and have some exchange risk.


26-June-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding motions:
Temporarily cap NBT supply (Phoenix)
(edit: wrong hash, updated with correct one)

Purchasing 415,000 NSR for 500NBT (crypto-coiner)

Deleting custodial grant:

Deleting motions:
28ad569f5224884fc1247bd9a18bf96bf8b8f0ab (passed)
9958b55a4f6473809039c41fa3ee407718cde2db (on hold, pending peg restore)

Park rates:
Changing park rates:
22d - 0% (changed from 8%)
1.5m - 0% (changed from 16%)
3m - 32% (not changed)
6m - 16% (not changed)

Although they are not that effective, I think keeping them is better than nullifying them. Raising them further might not be realistic either. I did nullify the shorter terms though as they don’t make sense. Any NBT parked for long term, helps us to re-establish the peg eventually. I don’t expect high amounts to be parked however given the high risks involved.


What about this one: [Voting] No Nu Liquidity Without a Revenue Model ?
I think it is compatible with your proposal: think big act small.

It is compatible indeed, but not that valuable. It is a nice indicator of the direction the Shareholders want to go though awaiting other proposals. Will add it to my datafeed in the next day or so.


28-June Updating the datafeed:

Adding Motion:
No Nu Liquidity Without a Revenue Model (nmei)

Park rates:
No changes


2-July-2016 Updating the datafeed:

Adding motion:
Think big, act small (cybnate)

Deleting motion:
f8b9e060dc73a97fd28a62ecfdd419114892787a (passed)

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7-July-2016 Updating the datafeed

Added motion:
Motion to postpone execution of NuDroid contract (cybnate)

Deleted motions:
c54a165234d50c9df95367bae4e79d902e3344ab (withdrawn by crypto_coiner)

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21-July-2016 Updating the datafeed

Deleted motion:
fcb46382b2cc5527ce338fdcd88e67f3cbc3b8dd (passed)

This datafeed has been discontinued due to lack of interest from shareholders. The view represented in this datafeed no longer represent a substantial amount of shareholders. Therefore I have chosen to withdraw this service.

Please review you settings in your client if you wish to continue voting for current proposals. Not voting while minting means that you vote against every proposal and is most likely not in your best interest as shareholder.