Nu Blind Auction NSR #1 (closed)

This auction closes in a little over an hour. Last chance to get your bids in!


Auction closed

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No more bids will be accepted.

Winning bidders will be sent a US‑NBT address where I expect payment within 48 hours from the time I send the request.

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@jooize Perhaps a few statistics on the auction? For example: total number of bidders, highest winning bid, lowest winning bid. Or whatever you think might be appropriate to share.


All bidders have been asked for payment.

View all bids. (Google Sheets)

Identities never touched the spreadsheet.

415,000 NSR remain unsold.

I will sleep now and answer any further questions tomorrow.


How do I target an address/transaction in which to burn NuBits?

I think you would have to use listunspent and craft a raw transaction to burn NBT from a specific address. The burn command just picks them by random.

Okay. Is there documentation for how to craft a burn transaction?

Nope :slight_smile: . But maybe I can make some a bit later. Basically when you’re crafting a raw transaction any “leftover” value in the transaction is burned as fees.

This is a good article on how to create a raw transaction. You’ll note that when you get to the bottom of the raw transaction example it gives you the warning about the fee. Paying the high fee is actually what you want to to. Does that help?

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The easiest way:

  1. Transfer all the NuBits you want to burn to a single address.

  2. Use the exportprivkey RPC to get the private key of the address where you are burning NuBits. Pass in the public NBT address. You will need to call walletpassphrase RPC first.

  3. Create a new wallet by moving the existing one to another location. Encrypt the new wallet, but don’t bother backing it up because your key is stored in the original wallet.

  4. Import your NBT burn address using the importprivkey RPC and the private key as a parameter.

  5. Use the burn RPC to burn the entire wallet balance. The wallet is forced to use the only address with a balance: the one you imported.


So what is the auction status right now? Would there be any kind of report? When?


3 days since the end of the auction, no report, no proof of burn or accounting for the Nushares successfully sold and how much left.

Is there any good reason for that?

@jooize = @JordanLee = @IAmJordanLee = @Phoenix = @MrBean ?

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I will burn proceeds ASAP.

You flatter me. :flushed:

burn 2439.98 B "Nu Blind Auction NSR #1 Burn"

2440 US-NBT burned.

One participant (ID5) didn’t pay their 800 US-NBT for 750,000 NSR.


Are those 750k still available?

Put them in the next auction.