We're opening doors even wider

We’ve been doing our best to decentralize operations as much as possible over recent months.

The official block explorer was open sourced to offer others the opportunity to build competing explorers with a large head start.

Our website has been open sourced to allow community members to help contribute content changes.

Now we’re going to open up development. In the past the development teams for Nu and B&C have worked together in private chatroms to coordinate. While not in place quite yet we’ll soon be creating some development chatrooms open to the public. We hope this will offer more transparency and accountability on the development process. It would also be a place for people who want to help contribute to Nu/B&C development to connect with the development team. The private chats will still exist for discussing sensitive topics (bugs, exploits), but day to day developments should be more transparent.

As I mentioned this isn’t quite in place yet, but this is the direction we’re moving. I wanted to make the post prior to the changes to hear some feedback on this direction.


Cool, but you are about 18 months late to do so.

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im still the proud owner of #nubits on freenode
if anyone is interested

(yeah i know people here think IRC is something from the 90s)


LWebsite should allow visitors paying NBT directly for content, such as posting a thread or seach key words.

I think it is great to open things up towards the shareholders and the community. Don’t expect heaps of participation and contribution, but just having the ability to contribute is a great good imo.

More important some transparency about what is being worked on would also be great.


Isn’t the software already open sourced?

It is, but this is about transparency of development. What are the developers working on? Where and how can we support or encourage them? What priorities should we set for development given the limited time of developers.


Development chatrooms have now been created. You can find them below:

NuBits Development chatroom

B&C Development chatroom

I will add that the rooms are open for anyone to chat. I didn’t look into limiting certain people to using them. We will play by ear on whether or not that’s the right way to go.