We have a NuBits tipbot at reddit!

It seems we have a NuBits tipbot at reddit for almost one day and I needed to learn about that from twitter! :smiley:http://www.reddit.com/r/NuBits/comments/2lpge8/testing_out_a_nubit_tip_bot/

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Yes, still seems to be in testing. I tipped out quite a bit of PPC back when PPC had one (Shame it doesn’t anymore). Once it’s all good I’m going on a tipping Crusade, bringing NBT to the tortured souls of reddit.

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is still being tested and seems to work nice ! super @woolly_sammoth

:smiley: Sorry. I wanted to make sure it was working properly before alerting too many people.
Lucky really as it’s been broken most of the day (well, not broken, just mis-configured).
It’s working OK now though so feel free to sign up and give it a test run. There’s a dedicated subreddit here http://reddit.com/r/NuBitsTippingBot. The bot updates the wiki there with stats and I’ve just put up a basic help page. I’ll add some NuBit specific information when I get a chance tomorrow.

The main problem at the moment is that the bot user (/u/nbtip) doesn’t have much karma. That means that every time a tip goes through, I have to enter some Captcha text on the server. If a tip happens while I’m asleep or away from a computer, the whole bot stalls until that text is entered.
Apparently the need to enter a Captch a goes away when the user has enough karma in a given subreddit. I would ask that everyone who can upvotes everything they see by /u/nbtip as it will make the tipping much smoother.

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^ that


I upvoted like hell. Need more posts by /u/nbtip to upvote them :smiley:

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Working on it. I’ll transfer discussions about the bot to Reddit as then upvotes can happen.

I went and up-boated every post I could find from the bot.

:smiley: Thanks @CoinGame.
I think it’s working. the +register command doesn’t need any Captcha any more. We’ll see what happens with the next few tips that come through.

Doh!, just reading through the code for praw which gives the reddit integration. Aparenlty the user account needs >2 link karma to not be bothered by the Captcha. And here I was upvoting every comment.

New Link from the tipping bot:


upvoted. more links! :smiley:

Is this something that can be used to tip Peercoin as well? The previous maintainer of the Peercoin tip bot shut down and we’ve had nothing to use. I figure if it wasn’t that much work we could do it, otherwise we’ll have to have a separate tip bot created and maintained by somebody else.

It’s based on AlTcoinTipbot which does support Peercoin.

I’ve just done a load of work to tailor the stats etc. to NuBits only but as long as you don;t mind that for a while, I can add in Peercoin support if it’s needed?

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That would be great if it could be done, because we don’t seem to have anybody else willing to setup a Peercoin bot.

This would be so desperately needed to spread information about Peercoin on Reddit in a manner that is expected to be welcome by most who receive tips :wink:

I’ve had a look at it and I think it would be best to have separate bots for Peercoin and NuBits.
i’ve done a bit of work tailoring the nbtip bot to have the correct 1NBT = $1 exchange rate, adjusting tip keywords etc. and adding Peercoin in just confuses that.
It would also be better from a security point of view to have the Peerunity and Nu wallets running separately. From what I remember the original Altcointipbot was discontinued as the maintainer had a hard time keeping up with different coins in the same installation.

The AltcointipBot that nbtip is based on supports Peercoin out of the box and is really easy to set up. I’ve got nbtip running on a virtual machine from terminal.com. it costs $0.031 per day for the server that nbtip runs from so I haven’t even made a dent in the $5 that they gave me free for signing up! (they accept Bitcoin as payment too)

I think it would serve Redditors better to have a bot username specific to Peercoin too (+/uppctip instead of +/u/nbtip). It can have a peercoin specific wiki and stats too which helps avoid any confusion for noobies.

I’m happy to help set it up. @Sentinelrv or @masterOfDisaster, if either on of you signs up at terminal.com and gets the $5 free for a new account, and set up a ‘mini’ terminal, you can grant me access to it and I can run the setup. We’ll also need a new reddit user with a decent name for peercoin tipping and a new subreddit for the bot created by the new user.

Once it’s set up, I would prefer to hand control of the peercoin bot over to one of you guys (hence gettiung you to sign up at terminal.com). I’m happy to step in a help if it goes wrong but there’s lots to be done on NuBot at the moment.

How does that all sound?

That sounds great!
As far as I understand the installation of the bot as well as earning enough link karma (to get rid of processing captchas) require some work, but afterwards the operation is expected to be quite smooth.
I don’t like having a wallet on a server that is out of my physical control, but I fear there’s no feasible approach to make it other than using a virtual server (where the virtualization doesn’t make it better in terms of security…).
Let me look into the details before I dive into a PPC tipbot.
But thank you for the NBT tip bot and your offer to support!

pleasure. The wallet is encrypted and it could run from anywhere so if it’s an issue it could run on it’s own dedicated box with total separation from the bot itself

@woolly_sammoth If you think the bot is ready, I was planning on doing a giveaway either tonight or tomorrow.

I’m looking for feedback on how I should go about this. I basically just wanted to announce NuBits now has a tip bot, and give a brief description of what it is to those who are unfamiliar - without sounding like soulless promotion… I expect there to be a lot of questions, and probably some bad mouthing.

I was thinking of a thread title something along the lines of " NuBits now has a tipbot! Come check out the world’s first stable cryptocurrecy, where 1 NBT = $1.00; always."

Anyone have any ideas or thoughts?