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SHA256 Filename
487a8c2fd3fde5aab9d472bc943511d87ef5b37e4ad4e7e34b966d92232b963e ย ย  NuBits-5.2.0.dmg
f069bbc42d6c2657b881e27e95e79745055b4cc75570d7354d2a79287b7d3fd2 ย ย  nu-5.3.0-linux-gitian.zip
73955d982f5d7ae2f4c3e1d292881d6925d2a3ee64bf59b46819847ef1b13b3a ย ย  nu-5.3.0-win-gitian.zip

Quicker Synchronization for NuBits Wallet

Significantly speed up initial setup of NuBits Wallet for Desktop by downloading most blockchain data directly.

  1. Start NuBits Wallet once to create its data directory.
  2. Close NuBits Wallet.
  3. Download :paperclip: blk0001.dat and optionally :paperclip: blkindex.dat. (Total 3.5 GB)
  4. Replace with those the blockchain data files in NuBits Wallet data directory.
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/Nu โ‡งโŒ˜G in Finder
Linux ~/.nu
Windows %APPDATA%\Nu Winkey+R, type path, Enter
  1. Start NuBits Wallet.