Say goodbye to Bittrex


Well boys, it’s been a long time coming. We finally get the chance to SAY GOODBYE BITTREX! This exchange is total dirt and have not taken care of us throughout our PEGGING recovery mission. We will take our business elsewhere and be proud of getting our Peg back in.

I want to thank Joozie for managing the affair and everyone invested. Love you guys. All hail NuBits!

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The Exchanges section should be updated to reflect this change.


What can we do with the NuBits/NBT that we still have in Bittrex? @JBV?


You can send your coins to (hodle or change)
or download the wallet and keep them there.


Thanks @brunozisterer.

We’ve downloaded the Nubits wallet for Windows, but see there are multiple options/assets with different addresses. Which one do we use for the Nubits acquired via the Bittrex pair BTC-NBT? US-NBT? NuShares?

Also, we are getting 0 connections to the Nu network using the Windows wallet. We installed Coinomi and were able to withdraw to it. Sent to southxchange, exchanged for BTC there…


As you see there are 5 coins in one wallet.
These coins are :

  1. NuShares NSR
  2. Nubit-U$ dollar USNBT
  3. Nubit-Euro EUNBT
  4. Chinese-Nubits CNNBT
  5. World-Nubits XNBT

The coins you should concentrate on are only NSR and USNBT !

US-NBT --> Same here, also USNBT
NuShares --> Are Nushares

Select a coin in the wallet (NuShares or US-Nubits) and send only NuShares to NuShares and NuBits to NuBits, thats easy.

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After downloading the wallet you can manually add these nodes above into your nu.conf file.
Create an empty one if you don’t have one in the same folder as your wallet.
After adding these nodes, wallet should start automatically with the synchronisation.


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