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Looks like NSR have a floor at the moment at 200 Satoshis - nice!



Screw My luck, My only channel to buy bitcoins with PayPal is offline for the next 24-36hrs ! -_-


NuShares NuShares $ 1,271,061 $ 0.001545

what a slaughtering…


Price is good, but can’t get Bitcoins (without paying for huge spread) to buy NSR with my NBT :frowning:


i see. so we need to replenish NuLagoon Tube asap.


Today will be missed


I am confident NSR will we recover, but implying this is a one day event sounds quite optimistic to me. This might very well take some time to get back on track.


I beg to differ.
We are in an emergency situation.
T1.1 is no priority at the moment.
T1.2 is.

This is not to be confused with restricted network access that makes transferring NBT expensive or impossible at all.
This is a reduced quality for a synthetic peg.
While it reduces the availability of good trading options, it’s a different animal than RNA.

The NBT/USD peg wouldn’t have suffered at all from a BTC price surge, if only we would be able to solve the collateral puzzle when dealing with fiat pairs…

As long as these two operations aren’t out of funds on buy side:

Sun May 29 08:57:38 UTC 2016
status of mOD dual side NuBot at Poloniex:
nud getliquidityinfo B | grep B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt -A 2
        "B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt" : {
            "buy" : 8661.99,
            "sell" : 3421.9037
/home/pi/bin/poloinfo: line 8: status: command not found
nud getliquidityinfo B | grep BJs4YbtaqCmxeHLiR6zzjnZEotYVFAPfMo -A 2
        "BJs4YbtaqCmxeHLiR6zzjnZEotYVFAPfMo" : {
            "buy" : 9599.91,
            "sell" : 20591.3383

the peg won’t fail completely.
It doesn’t look perfect, but still remarkably good considering the situation:

This tx is almost complete:

and only needs one more signer.
We make preparations for a BTC downswing.

##This network is still working!

[Withdrawn] Motion to create a new Tier 6 (Restricted Network Access) of liquidity

Oh I didn’t imply that. When I wished prices were lower I wished I could be in any of the low price days. Today included even if it may not be the bottom.


NBT rate at a reliable, albeit degraded peg in the NBT/BTC pair

NSR suffered. Current rate still at ~200 Satoshis

But almost no buy support until 100 Staoshis


Unfortunately, I cant say this is reliable any more –
I cant pay my web consulting vendor any more this week (from Tokyo to India) for which I have a contract that has been settling payment in NBT since the end of 2015.
This is my take as a customer –


Roughly 10m shares bought at 0.0005 usd.

NuShares (NSR)
$ 0.000586 (17.66 %)


By 1 single individual?


No idea.




Just an speculation i admit. 5k trade volume around 0.0005 usd.




Crazy price movement on NSR, especially while there’s a blind auction going on for 7m coins.

Does someone know something we don’t, or is this just another crazy crypto happening?

Hope NU can benefit from this spike to get some fuel into the engine to restore the peg, which has improved significantly up to $0.6327 for now.


Those BTC from NSR buyback are coming back. :slight_smile: